World Of Christmas
Christmas church parties have both secular and religious flavor to it. Read on the article for some ideas to celebrate church parties

Christmas Parties In Churches

Christmas in churches celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in a religious way. Have you ever heard of the song," Born that man no more may die, born to raise the sons of earth". The churches hail the birth of heavenly born prince, the son of righteousness, and life and light he brings. You must have visited church parties when you were a small child with your grandma holding your hand with care and love, telling you to prepare your heart to receive His blessings. Looking at those far eastern roads, the star led nights with sweet smells of greenery, listening to the hymns with solemn strain, you welcomed the lord to His new abode. Revisit your memories of church parties by dwelling a little further. Many simple ideas are incorporated into the Christmas church parties where both the religious and the secular ideologies are met in a joyful and respectful manner. The decorations are mostly in green and red color which depicts the very existence of life itself.

Christmas Church Party Ideas

  • Symbolic gifts like holy crosses can be wrapped and decorated with colorful ribbons.
  • Token gifts like coloring books depicting religious stories and puzzle books can be gifted to the children.
  • Music CD with religious songs can be passed to children who are present.
  • The Churches can be decorated with nativity scenes to give it a festive look.
  • There are some religious symbols like the holy crosses and doves which make the party more special and symbolic.
  • A platter of finger foods like chips, candies, meatballs, cheese balls and sandwiches can be served.
  • Cookies shaped in little crosses, stars or different miniature shapes depicting testaments are a good idea
  • A Potluck party can be very entertaining.
  • At a Church Christmas party a birthday cake can be cut and served as a desert. It commemorates the reason for festivity of Christmas
  • Games and different party competitions are a great idea to keep little children busy:
  • Passing the gift among children while playing the music is a great entertainment for kids.
  • Finding the stars hidden in different places is another favorite with little kids.
  • For grownups Christmas church party is a time to get socially involved in various voluntary charitable works.
  • Everybody irrespective of age loves gifts. Gifts can be exchanged between adults.
  • Christmas songs and quizzes can be held.