World Of Christmas
Christmas is the time to revel in the joy and festive mood. Read on the article to know more about themes for Christmas Eve party.

Christmas Eve Party Theme

The lights are shinning everywhere so brightly and the sounds of children's laughter fill the air! Snowflakes in the air and carols everywhere, and if you hear hard enough, you might even hear those sleigh bells ringing. With everyone in a festive mood, all you would want on Christmas is love, happiness, and joy. What better way to celebrate the day than with a fabulous party. Although Christmas parties are the norms of the day, it is often confusing to throw a party if you don't know how to go about it. On account of the festival the next day, Christmas eve parties are generally held for shorter durations. Organizing a fabulous theme party is easy with some planning and creative thought. It can make the festive time of the year a happy and joyous occasion. If your are planning to throw a party and are short of ideas find here some interesting ways to plan your theme party.

Christmas Eve Party Theme Ideas

Color Theme
  • Green and red are the colors, which mark this time of the year. Load on some winter decorations that are green and red to really set your theme party.
  • Set your décor using streamers, balloons and hangings made of green and red colored crepe paper.
  • Using utensils and dishes with wintery scenes in red and green will surely add a colorful touch to a great party.
  • Wrapping gifts in these theme colors can hugely add splendor to this festive occasion.
  • Lighten up the party with giving red and green retro sunglasses as the guests arrive.
  • Choosing red and green attire for the guest will complete the party scene.
Favorite Activity Based Theme
  • One can customize the party based on their favorite hobbies, which can be watching movies, listening to music or playing games.
  • Decorate the rooms with the hobby you select, for example if you choose indoor games find some pictures of games like chess, caroms and cards and make copies of it to paste it on the wall.
  • Choose the sports attire for the guest.
  • Have lots of games around for the guests to play. Remember the party should be fun and imaginative.
Music Theme
  • You could give your Christmas eve party a musical theme. Gathering and focusing people around to a certain music theme is a fun and natural way to party. You can arrange for local musicians for a live show or rent instruments depending on your budget.
  • One can use a particular genre of music or expose your guest to a wider range of world music.
  • You can even highlight music of a lesser known artist, or a particular artist of your choice.
  • You can decorate the region with posters or copies of musical instruments of different countries.
  • If you are playing music from a certain genre, compliment the environment with appetizers, like classical music has a certain flavor which can match with elegant appetizers. If you are playing rock music chips, finger foods and dips can add party flavor to it.
Pajama Theme Party
  • For a pajama party, invitations can be sent weeks before the party.
  • A more private setting would be required. Plenty of pillows and mats can be laid on the ground to make guest lounge around and feel comfortable.
  • Prepare the night for some gossips and jokes. You can arrange for some games, dance, and music.
  • Simple snacks and refreshments can be laid on low table so that guests can feel free to eat while lying down.