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Planning your Christmas cookie party? Here are some out of the box ideas to make your party a really happening one this season.

Christmas Cookie Party

Are you planning to throw a Christmas cookie party this season but have run out of holiday ideas? Planning a holiday party can be huge fun if you know how to plan your party and plan it right! Having some great party ideas up your sleeves can ease up your nerves and get you going. Party is just one perfect excuse to cosy up with your folks and friends and take in the holiday spirit as it comes. And Christmas cookie party is one event which you cannot miss. Christmas cookie parties can keep the festival from taking a grave bite on your expense. What more, homemade cookies make for great gifts that apart from being easy on your pocket are simple to make and a delight to gift. However, the idea of putting up a delectable assortment of yummy cookies can sometimes leave you with that dreaded feeling towards this much-loved traditional chore. Dearth of time and help can set that panic button on when you are planning a Christmas cookie party. Pick your cues from these simple ideas on how to keep the fun alive while planning a party and cut down on your panic and time. So what are you waiting for? Get going!

Ideas For Christmas Cookie Party
  • When planning your Christmas Cookie Party, it’s important to narrow down on a date first. Since Christmas means party time, you will need to inform your guests at least a week ahead of the due day.
  • After you have decided on the date, the next step is to send out the invitations to your friends and family. Plan your invitation based on your party theme to add more fun to the event. You can send out the party invitations online, verbally over phone, or through the e-mail. Don’t forget to detail the party timings for the convenience of your guests in your invitation card or e-mail.
  • Always ask your guests to bring along their own cookies for other guests to relish. Also, be open to any kind of innovative recipes on cookies. Encourage your guests to try out new recipes. Also, supply plastic storage bags or paper plates and foil just in case guests forget to bring a container for transporting their cookies home.
  • Decorate your party room keeping in tune with the theme of the party. Make it as festive as possible. Arrange a big table for all the guests to lay down their cookies. Cover it with a decorative table spread. You can also use a nice centrepiece to decorate your table.  Use baskets, trays or plates to display the cookies.  Don’t forget to provide tiny plates and napkins too.
  • Music adds to the charm of any party. You can play some nice holiday music to get your guests get into party mood and have fun.
  • It’s good to plan your cookie party in the afternoon as it will give your guests plenty of time to do away with their baking. It will also help you to make any last minute arrangements.
  • Make provisions for refreshments. Party nibbles are always more than welcome. Serve appetizers and drinks to your guests when they arrive. Also, make arrangements for drinks and beverages like coffee, cider, hot chocolate, milk, variety of juices, cocktails that goes well with cookies.
Everybody loves to party and let Christmas be that one reason to catch up with your near and dear ones and have moments, which you will treasure for a lifetime!