World Of Christmas
Tea parties are a norm during yuletide celebrations. Read on to know how to throw a Christmas tea party.

Christmas Tea Party

Jingle bells jingle bells… its heard loud and clear. The Santa is on his way with the red reindeer on a sleigh to enjoy his days here with you. Christmas is a celebration of union, of golden memories, and it is the time to cherish relationships. The very thought of Christmas brings immense joy and pleasure that you feel like seeing all your friends and family, all of a sudden. The best way you can make your Christmas memorable is by setting up a glorious Christmas tea party. There is no better way than this to reunite with your long lost relationships and a better chance to unveil a great vacation ahead. Who doesn't like to bake a cake during Christmas and make some extraordinarily delicious dishes for your near and dear ones and win laurels for your cooking? So, take it as an excuse to take your precious Christmas china out and bake a cake for a lovely evening for those lovely people whom you have missed for long. Christmas is in our doorsteps, and you have butterflies flying in your stomach, thinking about your Christmas tea party. You can find a helping guide to set up a glorious Christmas tea party.

Ideas For Christmas Tea Party

Scheduling The Party
Always remember that a Christmas tea party has to be decided two or three weeks prior as you will need time to make your party the special one. Weekends can be the best days for the party. Since this party has to be held before Christmas, the festive mood will be on, so weekends would be the best-preferred days for the party. A Sunday afternoon or a Saturday evening will fit the bill.

Planning The Invitations
You can make a list of the invitees and send out the invitations beforehand itself. Be clear as a crystal about the party details, you can even mention about the games that you are planning there at the party. You are liberal to choose party invites from the local store or it can be a handmade invitation along with some favors, a festive basket full of tea will be a good choice. Make sure that you have at least eight to ten guests and if they are accompanied by children, make a playroom or bedroom meant for them.

Food And Beverages
The next thing that is in the list is the food and beverage section. Make a list of everything that you need to shop for the party. Since it is a tea party, be sure about various varieties of teas from Lipton tea, green tea, Chamomile Tea, Melaleuca Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Ginger Tea, and the list can go on. Don't forget to shop for the condiments like honey, white sugar, brown sugar, lemon, milk as such. You can even try for the alternatives such as the peppermint hot chocolate, mulled cider or grape juices. Since the party is at no specific mealtime, you can manage with some fries and appetizers. You can add on some burgers or pizzas along with cheese or meat platters.

Duration Of The Party
The party should not go beyond two or three hours and it should be pretty simple. You should spend enough time with your friends and relatives and enjoy a nice cozy evening in Christmas charm.

Special Mementos
You can even wrap some Christmas favors or a special memento as a memoir of a great evening. It can vary from a nice coffee mug or a basket filled with some cookies or chocolates.