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Christmas tree light decoration gives a warm look to the entire house. Check out some great tips for lighting up the Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Lights

While thinking of decorations, the most common decoration which one can think of is the lightings in different shapes and colors. Most of us are always very excited about putting lights on the Christmas tree, as it is associated with the image of the father detangling the Christmas lights and getting himself tangled in it. Christmas tree lights are, in fact, the most basic form of decoration one can think of. But, it is a really important one too. It is not very difficult to put on Christmas tree lights. You just need to keep in mind the fundamental steps so that you don't end up getting yourself tied up to the tree. Before getting the lightning done you just need to make sure that you follow the safety tips to keep yourself away from any danger during the festive season. Taking a few precautionary steps, you will realize that the job is a child's play. All you need to do is follow the basic steps given below in order to put up that perfect Christmas tree light decoration.

Christmas Tree Light Decoration
  • The first step while lighting up the Christmas tree is to set up the tree properly in a stand.
  • Take out all the Christmas lights you used in the previous year and untangle them.
  • Replace any dead or dying bulbs and check the cord for any damages. Now, test all the lights to make sure that they are still in a working condition.
  • Start from the top of the tree and put on the lights, barely tucking the cord into the branches, in a lowering spiral.
  • Move away from the tree to check and make sure that the rows are more or less even.
  • Now, use the second string of lights and repeat the spiral pattern. However, attach the cord to the branches this time.
  • Check the tree lights again for symmetry and repeat the procedure till the Christmas tree is full of lights.
  • Before arranging the lights on the tree, make sure that the cord is unplugged.