World Of Christmas
Decorating a Christmas tree can be quite a confusing task. Hence, for your help, here are a few themes for your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

Christmas is that special time of the year when families and friends come together and celebrate the spirit of togetherness. Families pray together and thank the lord for the abundance and blessings bestowed upon them. It is quite common that you fall in a pothole while planning the theme for your Christmas tree. Every year you plan to use a unique theme but end up hanging the old conventional decorations and ornaments on the tree. This year, it won't be the same because you are going to get up from the couch and put in some effort in decorating your Christmas tree. Given below are a few themes which are unique but really simple to work on.

Christmas Tree Decorating Theme Ideas

Irish Themed Decoration
If you are amazed by the charming country of Ireland, then why not decorate the Christmas tree in an Irish way? There are ornaments and decorations available which will help you in your decision. When you think of Ireland, you think of the color green. Hence, the theme color of your tree will be green. There is a whole wide range of ornaments which you can choose from. Few items which you will need are Irish Snowman ornaments, Shamrocks, Miniature harps, miniature pot of gold, green clip-on butterfly and lots of green emerald ornaments. Green lighting will work wonders with the decoration.

Butterfly Christmas Tree Theme
Snuggle yourself in the arms of Mother Nature this Christmas by giving your Christmas tree a look which is derived directly from nature. Butterflies can work wonders when it comes to themes. You can put in a lot of colors and lightings as the theme itself requires a lot of colors. If you want to get a nice wholesome look, try sticking to the colors which go together. Use a lot of colored pinecones along with beautiful butterfly clip-on. Add fake flowers to give the tree a complete look. Multicolored lightings will work great with this theme. Just be specific about the colors you want to highlight.

Fruits Decoration Theme
Think of a beautiful fruit basket and you can imagine how pretty it looks. Now imagine what your Christmas tree will look like when clad with a number of fruits. Won't it look gorgeous? If you feel the same, then grab some fruits and start decorating your Christmas tree. The materials you will need to decorate are fake grapevines like a ribbon, berry clusters, apple decor and fresh fruits and berries which will look nice. Add floral or fruit shaped lightings to complete the look.

Edible Decorations
You must have seen a number of trees with fake food items hanging on them. But won't it be awesome if you are able to pull off an actual edible Christmas tree theme. Yes, it is quite hassle free to prepare and the good part about this theme is that, it is totally eco friendly and edible at the same time. For the preparations, you will need a lot of fresh fruits, a fake grapevine, leftover cookies, chocolate bars, candies and other edibles. You can use the lightings which you think will suit best.

Wine and Grape Theme
Whenever you think of festivities, you think of Wine - the liquor for celebrations. So why not include this in your good times in a rather modern style by making it an ornament for your Christmas tree. Yes, it is possible. You just need to get your creative juices flowing with a little bit of common sense and you will see that it is quite easy. You will need ornaments and decorations like Corks, corkscrews, wine glasses, burgundy and purple ball ornaments, fake gape clusters and fake or small wine bottles.