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Garlands add color and style to the Christmas decor and look stunningly royal on Christmas tree. Find some tips on how to use garlands as Christmas Tree decoration here.

Garland Tips

Garlands jeweled on Christmas trees sure look beautiful. But what are they? Garlands are long ropes of golden or silver made up with a collection of short pieces of tinsel and are traditionally used to wrap and decorate the Christmas trees with. And though, garlands are generally preferred in metallic colors, they are available in many different colors like blues, pinks, red, white, purple etc. How much to buy depends entirely on the height and width of the Christmas tree. Garlands can be bought from local departmental stores and even grocery stores. Around the time of Christmas, it won't be any trouble to find garlands to decorate your Christmas tree. It's the latter in which some thought needs to be put in. Read the section below and get some tips on how to place your garlands beautifully on the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Garland Decoration
  • The amount of garland needed generally depends on the size of the tree that you have chosen for holidays. About 10 foot of garland is needed per foot of the tree.
  • Any extra left can later be used to decorate mantle and wreaths for Christmas decor.
  • The placing of garlands in straight or diagonal lines has now been replaced by gently sagged placement of garlands that look more graceful.
  • You may also place your garlands sagging deeply if your Christmas tree is large and has open space between its branches.
  • Install the lights on the tree first and then place the garlands. You may later add other ornaments and decorations on the tree if you feel the need.
  • You may use a combination of two or three types of garlands adorning the tree that are to be chosen on the basis of size variation, color combination, and design principles. You may hang the longest and widest of these garlands sagging deeply with shorter ones doubling or tripling it inside.
  • Garlands tend to slip, if branches of the tree are drooping or delicate. To ensure that they stay in place, wound them around the branches or secure them with wires or ribbons.
  • Vertical garlands can be placed by securing them on the top of the tree and then looping them down vertically. To make twists and turns look graceful and interesting, secure the garlands with wires and ribbons. Add ornaments to them after that.
  • Wide and narrow ribbons, in different shapes, colors, styles and sizes are great for making garlands. You can use ribbons themselves; twisting and turning them occasionally to give a garland-like look.
  • Flexible beaded garlands knotted in between the beads or where beads are glued, can be cut up in such a manner that beads won't fall off and then can be used to drape the branches. They look fabulous, when placed artistically.
  • Watch out for crawling babies or playful pets. They might end up in bringing the whole tree down on themselves if left unsupervised.
  • Any leftover garlands can also be used to decorate your home or any more plants or small trees that stand in your lawn or backyard.