World Of Christmas
Here are some of the most extraordinary Christmas superstitions and rituals related to Shoes that warns us against giving shoes as Christmas gifts to our friends.

Shoes Superstitions

Christmas is the time for celebration and festivity all around the world. Exchanging gifts, X-Mas cards, offering holy prayers and merry making are the integral part of Christmas celebrations. This holy festival is celebrated on a grand level on 25th of December every year, around the world. However, preparations for the same start days in advance. People start decorating their homes and streets with various Christmas decorations to welcome Jesus and the holy spirits. Different people of world celebrate this festival in different ways, depending upon the resources available. There are many customs and traditions related to this holy festival, which are followed by devotees religiously till today. Along with the ritual, there are many superstitions related to the festival as well. For example, shoes are supposed to be an important part of a perfect dressing and personality. But shoes too have some superstitions and beliefs in relation with the festival of Christmas. We have listed few of the most significant ones for you. Take a quick look.

Christmas Rituals With Shoes
  • Never give shoes for Christmas gifts.
  • Giving a new pair of shoes as Christmas gifts would make your friends walk away from you.
  • Wearing new shoes on Christmas Day brings bad luck.
  • In Greece, burning old shoes during the Christmas season is said to prevent misfortunes in the coming year.
  • According to English customs, however, 'If you do not give a new pair of shoes to a poor person at least once in your lifetime, you will go barefoot in the next world', so English people often gift shoes as Christmas presents to the poor.
  • Unmarried girls may throw a shoe over their shoulders and towards the door. If the shoe lands with its toe pointing towards the door, the girl will marry within a year.
  • To prevent quarrelling on Christmas day, family members must place their shoes side by side on Christmas Eve.