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Here are superstitions related to Mistletoe, the most popular being kissing under its bush. We would also read why girls steal mistletoe sprigs from Church decorations.

Mistletoe Superstitions

Mistletoe is a well-known aerial parasitic plant that grows on the branches or trunk of other trees. Most often associated with the holy Christmas, the tradition of using mistletoe in decorations has been there since the pagan times, when they used to decorate their home during winter solstice. Mistletoe was basically used, as it was believed to ward off evil spirits and witches from home. It is also believed to be the symbol of fertility, love and romance. In ancient times, the Druids believed that mistletoe had magical, mysterious and sacred powers which would bring in good luck and good health to their homes. This was reason why they named it an "all-heal" plant. There are many legends and traditions related to mistletoe, the most popular being the kissing one. Kissing under the mistletoe is from a Greek festival tradition and stands for deep romance or a lasting, loyal friendship. Apart from this, there are a number of superstitions associated with mistletoe. Read through the following lines and acquaint yourself with it.

Mistletoe Superstitions
  • Mistletoe, also known as Celtic-All-Heal was popular by the 19th century. Since the times of druids, it was associated with fertility and kissing.
  • Earlier, an ethical man was supposed to present a mistletoe berry for each kiss. When berries finished, so would the kissing.
  • Luck favors those who kiss under the mistletoe but turn against those who avoid it.
  • It is bad luck to take Christmas mistletoe down and should only be replaced on the following Christmas.
  • Unmarried girls used to steal sprigs of mistletoe from church decorations and hid them under their pillows as a charm to dream of their future husbands.
  • Burning old mistletoe was said to predict marriage prospects of an unmarried girl. Steady flames ensured happy marital life while the spluttering flames predicted bad tempered and cross husbands.
  • Although of Mistletoes is considered to be a healing plant but the berries are in fact poisonous and should not be touched by children.
  • It was believed that kissing under Mistletoe would lead to marriage of the couple whereas; if the girl standing under it was not kissed by anyone her marriage is not at all predicted in the next year.
  • In some parts of England the Christmas mistletoe is burned on the twelfth night lest all the boys and girls who have kissed under it never marry.