World Of Christmas
Here we present a list of rituals and customs related to Christmas Dinner and Christmas Feast and superstitions related to Christmas Dinner table.

Christmas Dinner Table Superstitions

Christmas dinner table is a very significant part of Christmas day celebrations. The festive mood of this holy occasion just doubles when the Christmas dinner table is elegantly and aesthetically decorated, making the grand Christmas dinner even more memorable. The tradition of decorating Christmas dinner table is a very old one. Talking about Christmas dinner table, centerpiece forms a major attraction as it is a beautiful reminder of the holy spirit of Christmas and everything that it depicts. The traditional centerpiece was Christmas wreath adorned with four candles that reminds the beginning and end of the Christmas season. But in the recent times, Christmas basket brimming with gifts in the center of the table has also become famous. However, did you know that apart from the superficial decoration, there are a number of things that form a major part of the Christmas dinner table, due to the various superstitions attached to them? Check out some interesting notions that have been followed over the Christmas feast at the dinner table.

Christmas Feast Customs & Rituals
  • The Christmas table was always set for an even number of guests for odd numbers were said to bring bad luck.
  • The legs of the table were tied with string to protect the house from thieves and burglars in the coming year.
  • No one sat with his or her back to the door.
  • A bowl of garlic was placed under the dining table for strength and protection
  • Fish scales were placed under the dinner plates for luck.
  • Christmas dinner consisted of nine courses.
  • No alcohol was consumed on Christmas Eve.
  • Everyone was expected to clean his or her plates and let everybody finish the meal before leaving. Skipping early brought ill fortune.
  • Scraps of meals were burned around trees so that they bore lots of fruit.
  • All pets were fed after dinner with the spirit to leave no living thing hungry on Christmas Eve.
  • A pot of honey on the table was thought to be a protection against evil.
  • Mushrooms were used on Christmas dinner table as fungi or soap to give health and strength.
  • Dousing the house with grain dipped in Holy Water was said to protect it from burning down.