World Of Christmas
Here is a list of Christmas divinations and future predictions. These games and Christmas prophecies are meant just for fun.

Christmas Divinations

Christmas Day is considered to be the most important and significant day in Christian calendar. Falling on the twenty fifth day of December, every years, Christians across the globe rejoices the birth of Jesus Christ. The festival is celebrated as a secular holiday throughout the world with high spirits. There are many conventional customs and traditions related to Christmas celebrations, all of which are based on different ideologies and ethnicity of people around the world. Few of them include Christmas decorations, the grand Christmas dinner, Christmas tree decorations and Christmas carols. Apart from these, there is a very essential and significant custom of Christmas Divinations, which predicts the upcoming future of family and friends. Likewise celebrations, these divinations also vary from country to country round the world. These are thousand of them followed differently in different cultures; we have listed some prominent divinations for you, have a look:

Fun Christmas Prophecies
  • After the Christmas dinner, one of the popular parlor games is to float walnut shells as boats in a bowl of water with small burning candles in them. The owners whose boat cross across the bowl safely is said to be endowed with prosperity for the coming year while bad luck awaits those whose boats get sunk in the bowl.
  • Everyone is given an apple after dinner, which is then cut in half lengthwise. If the core is star-shaped, the company is sure of meeting again safely next year. If anybody's core is in a different shape, his death is predicted within twelve months' time. The appearance of four-point cross was a particularly bad omen.
  • Small amounts of lead was melted over the Yule log then poured into a container of water. The resulting shape was then used to predict future about the pourer.
  • Young unmarried girls used to cut a twig from the cherry tree on St Barbora's Day or 4th of December and put it in water. If it bloomed by Christmas Eve, her marriage was predicted within a year.
  • If shaking an Elder Tree on Christmas Eve makes a dog bark, then the young girl was said to find the man of her dreams in the general direction of the bark.
  • The gender of the first visitor to the house on Christmas Eve was said to foretell the sex of the child of the pregnant women in the household.
  • Girls cut out a thread of their own length and set it on fire. Whoever's thread burns out rapidly, her marriage is predicted within a year.
  • In Germany, chits with the names of people present is made and kept in a bowl. Two slips are drawn at a time. It is believed that those two people will remain friends for the next year. Sometimes, matchmaking is also done in the same pattern.
  • In some countries, all the family members put their shoes together on the Christmas night because it is believed that this will bring peace and harmony amongst them throughout the year.
  • Some people throw ring on the floor. If the ring rolls to the door, then the marriage of the unmarried girl in the house or a business trip of the man in house is indicated.