World Of Christmas
We present a list of rituals related to Christmas greens and superstitions related to Christmas greenery. We have also made a note of traditions related to Yuletide decorations.

Christmas Greenery Superstitions

Use of Christmas greenery for the decorations during Christmas celebrations is an ancient and beautiful custom followed around the world. Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe and Christmas tree are the key greeneries without which it is hard to imagine Christmas decorations. Use of these evergreen plant leaves has been there since the time of our pagan ancestor, who used to decorate their homes with them in the winter solstice festival. Later on, with Christianity taking over, their use became an integral part of Christmas celebrations and decorations. Other than these specific plants, greeneries of Christmas includes in its list garlands, wreaths (homemade or purchased), decorative bushes, poinsettia floral pick, Christmas cactus, cyclamen and many other varieties of evergreen plants. Similar to the many superstitions related to Christmas, its greenery also has few related to it. Check out few of them.

Christmas Green Rituals
  • Candle Mass Day on 2nd February was the traditional time to remove midwinter greenery, whereas few believed to take down the greenery on the twelfth night after Christmas Eve.
  • It was considered bad luck to leave the greenery for longer.
  • In the 11th century, Christmas greenery was burnt but by the 19th century, this practice became less popular.
  • It was a must to remove all remnants of greenery. Children especially had to take part in the activity of gathering all the Yuletide decorations.
  • Good luck followed those who found a holly bush loaded with berries, while removing Christmas greenery.
  • It is said that you will encounter a goblin for every pine needle which is dropped inside the house.
  • Christmas greenery should not be erected before the Christmas Eve, else it is supposed to be bad luck. Evergreens including the Christmas tree are not supposed to be brought inside the house.  
  • Holly is supposed to have supernatural protective powers. It is supposed to be the best defense against witches and lightening.
  • It is said that it depends on type of Holly you bring in the house that who will head the house for the next year. If one brings in a prickly holly it is said the man will rule the nest and if it’s a smooth one then the woman will.
  • Ivy is considered to attract bad luck if brought inside the home, though on the contrary it is supposed to have protective powers when planted by the house.
  • Evergreen brought home from church are especially considered lucky and are supposed to be lucky. These should be hung inside the house all round the year to attract good luck.
  • It is also considered by some people if a pine needle is dropped inside the house or church then the person who takes it out is presaged to die within a year.