World Of Christmas
Here are some other Christian superstitions such as those related to Holy Innocents Day, singing Christmas carols or exchanging Christmas presents.

Others Christmas Superstitions

Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians, celebrated with full spirit and merriment around the world. Falling on the 25th of December every year, it symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. There are many rituals and customs related to Christmas celebration based on various ethnicities and ideologies. The major segments of Christmas celebration includes Christmas dinner, Christmas decoration, the Yule Log and most significant symbol Christmas tree. It is believed that many of these practices are gradually evolved from pagan times when even the Christianity didn't exist. Similar to other big festivals in the world, there are many superstitions with good and bad omens related to this holy festival too. We have enlisted a few Christmas superstitions, especially for you.

Other Christmas Superstitions
  • It was believed that on 28th June or Holy Innocents Day, the first born children were massacred by the tyrant Herod. Thus, early Christians considered it unlucky.
  • On whatever day, Holy Innocents Day fell, it was thought to be a bad hair day or 'cross day' for the coming year.
  • Fishermen did not go to fishing on this day.
  • No major housework should be attempted on this day.
  • Washing clothes is especially avoided on Holy Innocents Day.
  • A loud cheery party on this day is said to chase away evil spirits.
  • Charms and rituals are often attempted on this day.
  • It is bad luck to send carol singers off the premises on Christmas without giving them something.
  • Singing carols other than at Christmas is bad luck.
  • It is believed that on the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, animals can talk but it is bad luck to eavesdrop to what they are saying.
  • If you do not give a present on Christmas Eve, prosperity will leave you.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed on Christmas Day.
  • It is believed that eating mince pie will bring good luck in the upcoming year.
  • The child born on Christmas day will have a special fortune.
  • Eat plum pudding on Christmas and avoid losing a friend before next Christmas.
  • Eating an apple on Christmas Eve will bring good health in the coming year.
  • Eating nuts without honey on Christmas can cause you to lose your teeth.