World Of Christmas
Having a themed Christmas wedding is a very exciting idea. Check out some Christmas wedding theme ideas given here.

Christmas Wedding Themes

Having a wedding in the Christmas season is very special in itself. You can make your Christmas wedding even more special by planning it according to some theme. The concept of themed wedding is quite in these days and is also quite fun to plan as well as to attend. You can choose any theme for your Christmas wedding and make all the arrangements, like dresses, decorations, food, favors, etc, based on that theme only. In case you are looking for some ideas for your themed Christmas wedding, we are here to help you out. Given below are a number of ideas for Christmas wedding themes.

Movie Theme
Just pick any good Christmas movie and base your entire wedding, right from decorations to clothes to invitation to food, on that movie only. Make sure to inform your guests about the theme in the invitation itself, so that they come dressed accordingly.

White Theme
Make white color the theme of your wedding. Have white flowers in the decorations, white wine in the drinks, white invitation card, white dresses for the bride as well as the bridesmaids, and so on.

Victorian Period Theme
Watch some old movies in order to completely understand the Victorian theme. Get a beautifully ball gown made for the bride, preferably with a corset, and a tuxedo with tails for the groom. Even the bridesmaids, best man as well as the guests should dress up as per the theme. The entire ambience, along with the food, the drinks, the cutlery, the decorations, etc, should be according to the Victorian time. You can also have the bride and bridegroom come to the church in a horse carriage.

Christmas Carnival Theme
If you are one of those who love to have fun, even on their own wedding, then, Christmas carnival theme is the perfect for you. Even the invitation card, decorations, dresses, etc, should be according to the carnival theme.