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Cake is a very important part of Christmas wedding celebration. Know some Christmas wedding cake tips.

Christmas Wedding Cake

Cutting a cake is considered to be a very important aspect of wedding celebrations. At the same time, a cake also forms an important part of Christmas. So you can imagine how important a cake will be in a Christmas wedding. The ritual of cutting cake at the wedding dates back to the Roman ages. During that time, people used to break a loaf of bread over the bride's head after the wedding ceremony was over. This was done to bless the bride with fertility in her married life.

With time, the breaking of bread was replaced by the cutting of the cake. The most popular Christmas wedding cake is the one with three tiers, a round shape, vanilla flavor and white color. However, you may go in for other shapes and flavors also. In the following lines, we have provided some tips that you should follow while selecting the Christmas wedding cake.
  • The size of the cake must be decided keeping in mind the size of the venue hall. In case you are having a small gathering in a small hall, small or medium size cake will be the best. Neither will it be too expensive, nor will it get wasted.
  • In case you are going for a tiered cake, it is not necessary to have round tiers only. You can also go in for square or heart shaped tiers. It is not also compulsory to have a visible division of the tiers. You can order for a tiered cake, where each layer looks as if it's rising from the previous one.
  • While choosing the favor of the cake, don't go in for too unusual or exotic one. The flavor of the wedding cake must have a universal appeal. In such cases, chocolate or vanilla flavor works the best.
  • Much emphasis needs to be given to cake decorations also. However, the decorations should not be done at the cost of taste. The taste of the cake is more important than its beauty. You can decorate the table on which the cake will be placed, as much as you want.
  • The cake should not be stuffed with too many candles. Though the number of candles depends on the size of the cake, the usual number is six to ten.