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Christmas wedding favors must be as special as the season. Check out some ideas to be used as favors for Christmas wedding.

Christmas Wedding Favors

It is the dream of almost every couple to have a Christmas wedding. The spirit of Christmas and the rituals of marriage, together, make an amazing combination. If you are planning to have a Christmas wedding, then you must be going through a lot of planning and shopping. You must be looking for some wedding favors also. In case your Christmas wedding is a themed one, it is better to choose your favors accordingly. For example, if you are having a beach wedding on Christmas, it is a good idea to give seashells or palm leaves adorned favors to your guests. Apart from that, there are some general favors for Christmas wedding that suit every place and every theme. Check out the Christmas wedding favor ideas given below:

Christmas Wedding Favor Ideas
  • Small bags are always a great idea to give away as a favor because they blend with Christmas and wedding too.
  • Blown glass showpieces are another good option if you are ready to spend a little lavishly on favors. These look beautiful and attractive too.
  • If you want to stimulate the sweet tooth of your guests, then give them a box of cookies as a wedding favor.
  • Bracelets are loved by women. So why not give one to each of them so that it reminds them of your wedding every time they wear it.
  • Business card case is an elegant gift if you want to impress your colleagues and bosses. Hence, go for it as these are inexpensive and smart.
  • A candle holder is an elegant gift to give away as a favor at a Christmas wedding. You can also get it personalized to make people cherish the memories of your wedding forever.
  • Candles go with every festival. As gifts, you can give them to all your guests. Try a variety of candles with refreshing fragrances, which goes with the festive season.
  • Chocolates are always a good option to gift as everyone loves these. These treats melt in your mouth and provide that sweet essence.
  • Craved tissue paper boxes are unusual but unique to give away at a Christmas wedding. These are really useful gifts and will be liked by all the guests at the wedding.
  • Desk clock is a classic gift if you are able to personalize it by getting your name engraved or printed on it. This will make your wedding a timeless event.
  • Dove designs are very cute in appearance and make us imagine a beautiful wedding couple. Hence, they are great gift to give away at a Christmas wedding.
  • Personalized glass coasters are also a good idea to give away as a wedding favor.
  • Julep cups and vases are perfect to form a centerpiece of a dinner table, hence, loved by all alike.
  • Picture frames with the picture of the wedding couple inside it can be a great idea to give away as a wedding favor. This will remind the guests of your wedding forever.
  • Silk hand fans are quite feminine to look at but these can become perfect wedding favors.
  • Tea and coffee ivory boxes are quite an expensive gift but if you are having a small wedding and inviting only your close ones, then it’s a great give-away to show your gratitude for their presence.