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Christmas wedding invitations are an important part of the wedding arrangements. Check out invitation ideas for Christmas weddings.

Christmas Wedding Invitations

Christmas season is the time when people receive greeting cards almost every other day. In case you are planning to go in for a Christmas wedding, give due emphasis on the invitations. Otherwise, it is possible that invitees mistake your Christmas wedding invitation card for another Christmas greeting card. Christmas season is a very busy time for everyone, so it is better to post the invitation cards atleast two months in advance. This way you can ensure that the invitees do not make any other plans on that day. At the same time, they will get enough time to make necessary arrangements to attend the wedding.

As it is, Christmas time is a very special time for everyone. Since you are having your wedding during that time, your wedding becomes doubly special. Thus, the Christmas wedding invitation should also be quite exclusive and attractive. In the following lines, we have provided a number of ideas to be used in case of Christmas wedding invitations.
  • Since you have decided to organize your wedding during the Christmas season, the invitation cards must also reflect the mood. Having pictures like that of a Christmas rose will definitely make your card look attractive as well as suit the theme.
  • You can personalize your Christmas wedding invitation card by attaching a photograph in which both of you are standing together. This will also ensure that your wedding card does not get mistaken as a season's greeting card.
  • You can also have a picture showing a newly wedded couple coming out of the church on a snowy day on the cover page. On the inside, you can adorn the background with printed miniature bells or Christmas trees.
  • In case you are going in for customized cards, make use of the borders for showcasing the holiday season. You can get Santa's cap, small bells, bows, wreaths, etc, embossed on the border of the invitation card.
  • Remember that the envelope is as important as the wedding card itself. You can use bright colors on the envelope and get it adorned it with trinkets like small bells or ribbons.