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This article provides a number of Christmas wedding music ideas. Read on to explore the music for Christmas wedding.

Christmas Wedding Music

Come Christmas time and we hear the holiday music everywhere, right from our neighbor's house to the departmental store. Even the Santa Claus announces his arrival by the jingling sound of bells. The same is the case with wedding. There is hardly any wedding that doesn't have music and dance. So, when there is a Christmas wedding, the importance of music becomes manifold. Music assumes an additional hue to cater to the needs of both the occasions. In a typical Christmas wedding, the usual music ideas include seasonal hymns and carols.

However, this does not mean that you also have to follow the same. You can choose different music for your Christmas wedding, from George Michael's romantic songs to the foot tapping numbers of the Beetles. Since a wedding comprises of a number of ceremonies, you can also choose different type of music for different ceremonies. You may go in for Christmas hymns during the rituals at the church. Arrange for the choirboys, assisted by a pianist, who will sing the hymns.

After the wedding rituals are complete, it is the time for the dance of the newly wedded couple. For the dance, you may go in for some soft, romantic numbers by classical masters. Next comes the time for the 'toasting ceremony', for which soft melodies played live by an orchestra are the best. For the cocktail hour, you can have some foot tapping numbers played on an audio system. You can also have Christmas carols played for some time during the wedding celebrations. All said and done, remember that it is your wedding. You can choose any music you like, be it is jazz or classical or even pop.