World Of Christmas
Christmas is an occasion to express your gratitude to your near and dear ones. We bring you some thank you poems, which will come handy to you in this festival.

Christmas Thank You Poems

Christmas is the perfect time to get your family and friends close to you. This is the ceremony to forget the past enmities and establish to reinforce a new bond of love. This is the time when you can express your sincere gratitude for all those people who have been so good to you throughout. It is true that love and care needs no formal expressions, yet occasionally showing your gratitude will increase the warmth of your relation. Thank your loved ones this Christmas with the below poems and let them know what they mean in your life.

Just To Say Thank You

The things that you do mean a great deal to me.
They bring me joy in the midst of a dreadful day.
Although I know I do not deserve an angel like you.
It delights me that you care for me in such a way.

Like when you do something to let me know I am special,
The things that you do make our love even more real.
But the best thing is I know that you are there for me.
You always say something to change the way that I feel;

You have lovingly showered your kindness upon me.
You are there to bring needed brightness to my dreary day
You have become an important and inspiring part of my life.
Thank you are the words I am really trying my best to say.

(Poet - Reginald Levi Walker)

For My Family

I thank you.
for always being there.
My family,
they always did care!

I thank you
for understanding...
Even when
I didn't.

I thank you
for never giving up on me
and only
wanting me to be happy!

I thank you
for being a blessed blessing,
to me!

I thank you
for understanding
my endless wondering
and wandering!

I am free,
and I thank you
for waiting!
To my family. All of you. Thank you.

(Poet - Bridgitte Williams)

Thank You

To me you're like an angel, sent by God above,
To cleanse my soul of sadness, and fil it with love
You are my inspiration and I wanna thank you,
For without you, I don't know what I would do.
You've changed my life around,
And turned my frown upside down.
You have showed me the way,
So that I will never stray.
For this I wanna thank you again,
For staying close by and being a friend.
And to end this off I just wanted to say,
That if you need a friend,
I'll be there till the very end
The Day We'Ve Become Friends
(Poet - Janelle J. James)

To My Parents, I Love You

I have gone through
so many different stages
changing ideas and goals
while searching for the
right kind of life for me
You were always
ready to help me
at all times
It must have seemed like
I would never
follow one straight path
Now that I know
what I am doing and
where I am going
I can only show you
my extreme appreciation
\for your support
by being true
to all the ideals and values
that you tried to teach me
Thank you forever
for standing by me
I love and appreciate
you forever.
(Poet - Annonymous)

Thank you

My heart swelled
with appreciation for your kind deals.
I was aglow with the spirit of
sharing and giving.
your tiredless effort makes me fly
above the sky.
I shall forever be grateful
to your love and care.

Thank you,for making my day,so sweet.
Thank you,for keeping me off loneliness.
Thank you,for pardoning my errors
and thank you greatly for keeping to your promises.
The olive trees shed their leaves of
thankfulness to you.
Thanks a trillion.
(Poet - Benedict Iyare Ebuwa)

Thanking You

I thank you for the good times and I
thank you for the bad.
The times you made me happy
and those when I was sad.

I thank you for your good traits, your
loving caring ways.
When I felt the world would fall apart; you held it together those days.

I thank you for the gifts you gave, both
physical and not.
Some I may keep in
my heart and others on a box.

I thank you for all the ways that you showed
you did care.
Hearing my dreams and those sad cries no one else seemed to hear.

I thank you for your own dear light that
shone only from you.
It lit the darkness of my night when shadows filled my view.

I thank you for all the things that you made sure I knew.
The knowledge of your own long years, gained through hurt, and pain, and tears.

I thank you for the strength you gave me.
When you showed just how brave I'd have to be,
to survive the tests the world gave me.

And finally I thank you for the love of generations gone before.
Without you I couldn't have made it through, so this
is my way to say, "I Thank You"

(Poet - Nikki S.Pendleton)