World Of Christmas
If planning to make your festival all the more bright and romantic, here are few Christmas Love poems, you can recite to your special someone.

Christmas Love Poems

Christmas is a time that brings you closer to your loved ones. The festive spirit becomes an added reason for you to make your special someone realize that how important he or she is to you. Presents for your loved ones are one of the options you have, but to make the occasion more romantic, it would be ideal that you also recite Christmas Love poems for your beloved. This is one of the most romantic ways you can make your beloved feel extra special. The Christmas love poems highlight your love and signify that he or she is so special that you wish to celebrate Christmas with him or her every year. Given here are some Christmas love poems, you can put to use on the festive eve.

Merry Christmas to the One I Love is a romantic poem by Nicholas Gordon. The words in the poem will truly highlight how deep your love is for the one you love.

Merry Christmas to the One I Love
By Nicholas Gordon

Merry Christmas to the one I love,
Even on this day of love for all,
Remembering the love of one whose call
Redeemed all those whose hearts his love might move.
Yet only one love does my spirit prove,
Chosen in a passion like a squall,
Having in such ecstasy withal
Rejoiced in what we were created of.
In such love do we find our way outdoors,
So to be drawn to love of flesh and soul,
Traveling beyond our village green,
Moving towards the wash along our shores
As our love joins the greater love unseen,
Shining with dark passion on the whole.

This untitled poem by an anonymous poet is a heart warming poet that shows how precious is your beloved to you.

I really want to tell you
Just how precious you are to me,
My every thought of you is as loving as can be
My heart is totally filled with things
That words alone can't say,
This comes especially for you
With love on Christmas Day.

'May You Walk Among the Stars of the Morning' is a heartfelt poem for your loved one, which describes the feeling of true love and care by the lover.

May You Walk Among the Stars of Morning
May you walk among the stars of morning,
Eden waiting silent for the dawn,
Ready to unravel without warning,
Restless with the urge to be reborn.
Years of longing pale into beauty;
Christmas is a never-realized dream.
However much devoted to your duty,
Remember that the flow is not the stream.
In my heart you wear a crown of glory
So radiant that time must turn away.
The vision rises from the untold story
More lovely than what sees the light of day.
As you can never know just who you are,
So let my love become your eastern star.

This is a perfect poem by an anonymous poet, for couples, who are celebrating Christmas together for the first time.

May This Christmas Be the First of Many
May this Christmas be the first of many,
Each more joyous in our growing love,
Revealing more of happiness than any
Riches might provide or pain remove.
Years flow like an unrepentant river,
Carrying the soil of life away,
Holding far more than they can deliver,
Rushing past the certitudes that stay.
In love there is an instance of forever
So shy and lovely it eludes the eye,
The sense of being home when we're together,
More enduring than a reason why.
As love is born of passion, borne by will,
So may for many years we choose love still.