World Of Christmas
Christmas is the festival, which is celebrated with the entire family gathered together. Read on to find some family Christmas poems, which can renew your bonds.

Family Christmas Poems

Christmas is the occasion for the family to get together and share some quality time with each other. Today, in the fast pace of life we hardly spend time with each other. Everyone looks forward to Christmas when they can gather in a common place and exchange feelings and joys. This is the perfect time to express your love and care to your near and dear ones. The far relations are remembered and the family ties are strengthened. Now that when you have your people around you, won't you like to dedicate a poem in honor of the unflinching relation? We bring for you some heart-touching family poems which you can recite during your celebration or can send to them with their gifts.

Christmas Poems For Family

Family Joys

Christmas is filled with special joys,
And the very best of all
Is contemplating those dear to us,
And the memories we recall.

We often think at Christmas time
Of people, affectionately,
And we realize how blessed we are
To have you in our family.

(or, "To be in your family," or, "To be part of your family.")

(Poet - Joanna Fuchs)

Special Family Memories
I have special family memories
Of when I was just a child
My family did things together
More often than once in awhile

We would go to church together
Then afterward a Sunday drive
With roast beef and mashed potatoes
When back home we'd later arrive

We'd to go the movies on occasion
My mom, dad, brother and me
I remember especially seeing Bambi
Although that was sad for me to see

But family is so important
It creates a special bond
I have many family memories
Of which I'm so terribly fond!

(Poet - Marilyn Lott)

What Christmas is to me
‘Tis the time to hug,
And stay warm and snug.
Time to ice skate over the frozen lake,
And for the sugar cookies to bake.
It is Christmas,
Occasional fog or mist.
Children get snow days,
And go out to play on sleighs.
On Christmas day it is fun,
There are just clouds and no sun.
You open your presents,
Which your family sent.
The kids just rip the wrapping,
And can't stop laughing.
Kids get toys,
Specially made for girls or boys.
Teens get phones and games,
And call their siblings lame.
The kids go out to make angels in the snow,
Running through the cold air that blows.
No one wants the day to end,
So some decide to share gifts or lend.
The families take off their bootlaces,
And get warm by the fireplace.
Christmas is when your family comes,
And when they all love.
(Poet - Marlena)


They gave each of us a number
All of my family were there
Our neighbors and our friends
All were crammed together

We walked until we stumbled
Then crawled into cold rough wagons
Elbow to elbow we traveled for miles
But at least we were together

Yeah we are going inside now
Just follow those in front and hurry
Hold onto your brother's hand
We don't want to be separated

Screams of pain and putrid smells
We merge on towards the unknown
Crowd crushing us before and behind
Nowhere else to go but together

Together we are going in
To the fire, to the heat
Of Auschwitz we will go
Silently as one people.
(Poet - Iris Deurmyer)

The Old Family Album

The old family album
Once was prominently displayed
With its cover of red velvet
Trimmed in gleaming silken braid.

Every parlor had a table
Filled with shells and a paperweight,
And the album of your ancestors
Anchored like a ship of state.

There were old tin types of Grandma,
Aunts and uncles and cousins too...
And Grandpa with his cane and derby,
Fancy vest and button shoes.

Yes, the old family album
Once held its rightful place
In an old-fashioned parlor
Amid souvenirs and lace.

So if you're tired of travel
And your world seems closing in...
Bring out the family album
With the tin types of your kin.
(Poet - Ethel K. Gosney)

To Me What Family is

Family to me has many meanings
For all are full of diverse feelings
Love and anger, both within a single one
Children who stay and children who run
Can one family be better than another?
It all depends on how they love each other
A family's love should last forever
Bonds of love nothing can sever
For the family I have, I am happy and blessed
And nothing more truthful have I ever confessed
Family has many meanings, but one rises above
The greatest meaning of family, is that of love

(Poet - Glaedr)

Christmas Is A Time...
Christmas is a time when your with your family
to appreciate everything you have and your life;
parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, kids, and wife
Christmas is a time when Santa comes for the kids
and brings them everything they ask for on their wish list
Christmas is a time where your kids get happy before they go to sleep
you cant wait to see the looks on their faces
when they open the presents they get to keep;
Christmas is a time where there's beautiful lights,
stockings, mistletoe's, snowflakes, and a Christmas tree
I wonder how this Christmas will be for me!
(Poet - Kathy)