World Of Christmas
Send and recite cute Christmas poems to your family and friends. Given below are few cute Christmas poems.

Cute Christmas Poem

Laugh and have fun with your family and friends on Christmas, by reciting cute Christmas poems along with them. You can also use cute Christmas poetry on greeting cards, to send your loved ones a rib-tickling and heart-felt Christmas wish. Spread the good cheer of the Christmas festive season by sharing these wonderful cute poems with people around you. Cute Christmas poems are though written on various themes and people associated with Christmas, but old cute Santa Claus is one of the most favorite subject for cute Christmas poems. So here is your treasure of cute Christmas poems. Hope you have a fun-filled and rejoicing Christmas.

This is an untitled cute and naughty poem, in which the poet has made some really adorable remarks.

I made myself a snowball,
as perfect as can be

I thought I'd keep it as a pet,
and let it sleep with me

I made it some pajamas,
and a pillow for its head

then last night it ran away,
but first it wet the bed!!!

Read what happens, when the goose to be prepared for the Christmas feast is made to go on a diet.

Christmas was coming
The goose was getting fat
So I put it on the Atkins diet
And now it's had a heart attack.

Santa Claus's Visit by Susie M. Best, is a adorable poem, which as the title suggests talks about the visit of good old Santa.

Santa Claus's Visit
With a click and a clack
And a great big pack,
Down through the chimney,
Pretty nimbly
Somebody comes on Christmas eve!

If we are real nice
And as still as mice,
If we never peep,
And are sound asleep,
He'll fill our stockings, I do believe!

And when we arise
Next day our eyes
Will grow big to see
How perfectly
He knew what we all wished to receive!

Merry Christmas by Carolyn Sears is a very cute poem that narrates the tale of kids and others waiting for Santa to come on his sledge.

Merry Christmas
Christmas bring happy tiding
From far and wide..
Happy faces smile with glee
Waiting for "Ole Saint Nick"
Cookies and milk all sitting in
Hoping, trying to get a glance
Of Santa..
While the jingle bells ring from
His sledge..
Scraping the roof with his reindeer
He cry out with a jolly laugh merry
To one and to all...