World Of Christmas
Here are few inspirational, funny and cute Christmas poems you can recite to your toddler, pre-schooler or may be even your young teenaged kid.

Kids Christmas Poems

Children are undoubtedly the most excited lot in the family about Christmas. To make their Christmas celebrations all the more fun and at the same time teach them the values of Christmas, kids Christmas poems are a good option to do so. The Christmas poems are indeed a fun way in which parents can impart to their children important knowledge about Christmas Day celebrations and teach them the true meaning of Christmas. The kids Christmas poems are so simple that they can be recited by them as well. Here are some of the Children Christmas poems, hope you enjoy these reciting at Christmas.

Little Christmas Carollers by L.A France is a cute and simple poem for kids which highlights to them the true Christmas spirit.

Little Christmas Carollers
We are a band of carollers,
We march through frost and snow,
But care not for the weather
As on our way we go.

At every hall or cottage
That stands upon our way,
We stop to give the people
Best wishes for the day.

We pray a merry Christmas,
Made bright by Christmas cheer,
With peace, and hope, and gladness
And all they may hold dear.

And for all those that happen
To pass us on our way
We have a smile, and wish them
A merry Christmas-day.

This untitled poem by an anonymous poet is a heart warming poem; a parent can recite for his or her child.

The best gift at Xmas is easy to see
Its not wrapped in paper or under the tree
Cos' the best gift at Xmas and all the year through
Is having a child as special as you!

This is a funny and cute poem which lets a kid imagine, innovative ideas on who delivers the Christmas presents.

Who Delivers Presents?
Who delivers cat's Christmas presents ?
Santa Claws !
Who delivers elephants' Christmas presents?
Elephanta Claus !
Who delivers baby shark's Christmas presents?
Santa Jaws
Who delivers the dog's Christmas presents
Santa Paws

This poem by an anonymous poet is written for a young child, who is merrily exploring the Christmas tree decorations.

The funniest face
looked out at me
From a silver ball
On the Christmas Tree!
At first I thought
It was Santa's elf,
But I looked again and
It was just myself!