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This season watch some evergreen romantic movies. Check out for the list of romantic Christmas movies.

Romantic Christmas Movies

Christmas is a season of love. How rightly said, "Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze." - Amanda Cross. Love is in the air, and what can be more romantic than spending time with your sweetheart gazing into each other's eyes. Having candle light dinner and then heading to watch a romantic movie can be an ideal plan to spend the Christmas night. Watching Christmas movies have now become a sort of tradition. When you watch a movie, it becomes an extension of your imagination. Some elements in the love stories have changed with era; but the essence of togetherness and happy endings still enchants the audiences. They kindle your emotions and feelings. Many movies are made every year and one of the most popular genres is romantic movies. This Christmas season watch a movie with your sweetheart and create an aura of romance once again. Listed below are some movies that have stood the test of times. Select your favorite and watch with your beloved.

Best Romantic Christmas Movies

The Christmas Card (2006)
Movies like these come once in a while that remind you of how influential love can be. This story is about a captain who is in the midst of Afghanistan war. Captain Cody Cullen played by John Newton is touched by lovely card sent by Faith Spelman played by Alice Evans. She stays in a small scenic town of Nevada city, California. As months by in the war, he keeps his card by his side always. It provides him strength to survive. He sets him on a mission to find her. The Christmas card had received huge critical acclaim and was loved by the audiences.

Gift Of Love (1978)
This movie is inspired by O Henry's short stories. The movie is about the old-fashioned romance and happy endings. It's a story about a young couple Rudy played by Timothy Bottoms and Beth played by Marie Osmond. It revolves around a prospective bride Beth and groom Rudy. Beth is a teenage orphan who comes to stay with her wealthy aunt and uncle during Christmas holidays. The story revolves around how they fall in love and overcome the obstacles in life despite their social status. It's a good old fairy tale and completely irresistible for those who love romance.

An Affair To Remember (1957)
This movie is directed by Leo McCarty, who also made the original version in 1930. (Love affair). The story is about a couple Grant and Kerr who are complete strangers on an ocean liner. They are involved with other people but can't resist each other's romance on the shipboard. They decide to split to test their romance, and then meet up again after six months. Your eyes moist at the finale when a tragic mishap nearly splits them up. The movie has good old charm of romance.

All I Want For Christmas (2007)
This movie was directed by Harvey Frost. It's about making your dreams come true. The story is about a young mother played by Gail O' Gardy, Who after her husband's death balances her life between work and her nine year old son, Jesse. The story then moves with Jesse winning a Christmas contest and how his wish comes true of having a new dad. It's a romantic treat for anyone who believes in magic of love and family.

The Holiday (2006)
It is a love story with all the Christmas trappings directed by Nancy Meyers. It's a story about two successful women yet unhappy connect with each other through a home swapping website. Iris played by Kate Winslet and Amanda played by Cameron Diaz decide to exchange their houses for the Christmas holiday. Both of them want to forget their man troubles so they swap their homes to reassess their love lives. The finale is about how Amanda hooks up Iris's brother and Iris unexpectedly falls for a film composer. It provides you a healthy dose of Christmas cheer.

Sleepless In Seattle (1993)
This is a brilliant timeless romantic movie directed by Norah Ephron. The story is about a little boy who wants a new wife for his dad. Annie reed played by Meg Ryan is heading to see her family for Christmas Eve. While listening to a show on a radio, she is moved by an eight year olds plight. It turns out that his mom died and father Sam played by Tom Hanks is put on the spot to the talk on the air. He speaks about his passionate love for his wife; Annie decides to meet Sam and Jonah as she feels the bond. It reiterates the faith in love and captures the audience.