World Of Christmas
Christmas is a festival when children of all ages come together and celebrate the holiday. Enjoy some kids movies and have fun.

Christmas Movies For Kids

You know it's Christmas when you feel homesick even when you are at home, when the air is filled with wafting smell of delicacies, when the shops are glitzy and lanes glittery, and all hearts are filled with festive merriment. One of the best ways to capture the yuletide merriment is by wrapping yourself up in a blanket and losing yourself into the magic of telly. Watching movie is a favorite pastime and has become like a ritual of sort and children would love to spend some time watching their favorite movies. Christmas movies for children aren't just great pastime but these are the movies which teach them the values of life without preaching. Many wonderful movies have been made capturing the fun and magic of Christmas festivity and most importantly the essence of Christmas. Here are some enjoyable kids' movies, which can brighten your holiday festivity!

Christmas Movies For Children

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1983)
This is wonderful holiday special starring Loretta Swit as the caretaker for the antisocial herdsman's young people. The story goes like this, when the herdsman's youth choose to join the Christmas pageant it looks like all astonishment for Christmas story goes out of the windowpane. Then the plot shows you how the children remind everyone what the true meaning of Christmas is. Young children would love to watch this movie

The Small One (1978)
This is a classic Disney animated cartoon movie that reflects the charm and fascination of the classic holiday series for which the company is known for. It is a story about a young boy who is shocked to know that he has to sell his donkey. The story revolves around the boy and the kindhearted gentleman who comforts him by buying his donkey and shows him how ‘small one' the donkey is fortunate to carry Mary to Bethlehem.

This movie can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas (1977)
This classic is based on the book by Russell and Lillian. This is a story about a toy land called Frogtown hollow. Christmas is coming to frog town and the otter Emmet and his mother hope to buy presents for each other. Emmet the otter works for odd jobs and doesn't make enough money, and his mother is a laundress who has her hands tight. They both decide to participate in a contest to win money, which is being held in Frogtown hollow. The climax is how they both compete in the completion, which is hosted by the frog Kermit. It's a classic Muppet musical Christmas tale based on the book. Children of all ages can enjoy this movie.

A Christmas Story (1983)
It is a story about a young boy Ralphie growing up in the ‘40's who has put his heart on buying a red rider BB gun for Christmas. The adults are not supportive of his idea and all he hears from them is "You'll shoot your eye out!". It's about an all American Christmas version of the bygone era and depicts some hilarious scenes. It's a fun and hilarious movie and can be enjoyed by younger kids.

Home Alone (1990)
The story revolves around an eight - year old boy Kevin McCallister who is accidently left at home while the rest of the family fly off to France for Christmas holidays. The fun part of the movie is how the boy enjoys his freedom, and gorges on sweets and staying up late, until some burglars enter home. The rest of the movie is about how he goes about defending his home from the clumsy burglars. This movie is recommended for grown up kids.

The Polar Express (2004)
This movie is based on the much-adored children's book written by Chris Van Allsburg. The plot revolves around a young boy who takes an astonishing train ride to the North Pole with lots of doubts in his mind. He takes on a voyage of self-discovery that this marvelous life never diminishes for those who believe in themselves. Children of all age groups can enjoy this movie.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)
It is an old classic with Burl Ives as narrator. The show uses inventive puppetry and stop-motion animation to tell the story of a pariah reindeer Rudolph, an aspiring-dentist elf, and an island of misfit toys who aid Santa to save Christmas. It is recommended for kids of all ages.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas
This movie casts comedian Jim Carrey in the title role directed by Ron Howard. This classic is an adaptation of the prominent Christmas tale by Dr. Seuss. It s a hilarious film for the whole family. Suggested for kids of older age.