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The movie 'Jack Frost', starring Michael Keaton, came out in the year 1998. Check out the story/script of Jack Frost.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a beautiful Christmas movie, which was released in the year 1998. It was directed by Troy Miller and stars Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston. The story of Jack Frost revolves around a father (Michael Keaton) who dies and comes back in this world as a snowman. Read on to know the full movie script of Jack Frost.

Jack Frost, Michael Keaton, is the proud father of a boy and runs a band. The responsibilities of the band leave him with little time for his son, Charlie, and he is forced to miss many important events in the life of his son. It's Christmas Eve and Jack has promised his son to be home in time. However, his band gets scheduled for an audition that day. Jack rushes back home in order to fulfill his promise. In the hurry to reach home in time, he gets involved in a car accident and dies on the spot.

One year later, Jack comes back to earth as Charlie's snowman, in order to make up for all the time he could not be with his son because of his work commitments. In the end, Jack escapes to a cabin with his son in order to save himself from melting. Soon, his wife also comes there and realizes that her husband has come back to them. Christmas Day comes and for the last time, Jack becomes human once again, to say goodbye to his family before returning to his afterlife.