World Of Christmas
Indulge into the Christmas spirit with enchanting tales from the world of Disney. Read more to find some of the popular Christmas movies.

Disney Christmas Movies

From snow-covered land, enchanting palaces, evergreen trees glittering with Christmas decorations to Santa's workshop at North Pole, nothing can better depict this than a Disney Christmas movie. Watching Christmas movies during the festive season has long been a part of Christmas tradition. What can be better than to watch an enchanting Disney Christmas movie with your family and get into the Christmas mood? Disney movie have been around for ages and are special favorite among kids. Filled with passion, dream, and Christmas spirit, the movies are popular Christmas classics with kids and adult alike. Whether it's ‘Muppet Christmas Carol' or ‘The Santa Clause', all movies are vivid enough to evoke the Christmas spirit! Here, we bring to you some of the memorable Disney Christmas movies. So, grab these enchanting tales of Christmas and enjoy the festive mood with your friends and family!

Popular Disney Christmas Movies

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)
When Santa Claus decides to retire and pass on his duties to a new Santa, it becomes Ernest mission to help Santa Claus in finding a successor. The movie is full of humor as Ernest is as goofy as ever! Starring Jim Varney, Ernest Saves Christmas will surely make you laugh. It's a must watch and will surely serve as a great entertainer for the family!

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
‘A Christmas Carol' hasn't ever been so entertaining! Who doesn't like the Muppets? This movie is The Muppet's version of Dickens enchanting tale ‘ A Christmas Carol' In this timeless adaptation narrated by Gonzo, Muppets try to convince stingy money-lender Scrooge to change his ways and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Characters of Bob Crachit and Mrs. Cratchit are played by Kermit The Frog and Ms. Piggy. This Disney movie is filled with Muppet songs and humor. Don't be surprised if you find your kids singing along! A wonderful Christmas movie for kids and adults alike.

The Santa Clause 1994
It just doesn't seem like Christmas until you see any or all three of this popular trilogy staring Tim Allen. But it's the original ‘The Santa Clause', which remains a true family entertainer. The comedy flick features Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, a divorced father and his son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd). A bizarre twist of fate transforms Scott Calvin in to the new Santa, with full white beard and round tummy. This brings in all the fun! The movie is a real holiday classic and a must watch!

I'll Be Home For Christmas 1998
Starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I'll Be Home For Christmas is a story of a college student left in desert, trying hard to reach home in time for Christmas. He has to reach New York by Christmas Eve if he wants the vintage Porsche promised by his dad. On his way home, he discovers the real meaning of Christmas. A classic Christmas to look for!

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas 1999
The movie features three heartwarming Christmas stories. This is a must watch for kids as it will take them into an enchanting world of their favorite cartoon characters. From Mickey, Goofy, Minnie to Donald, all are there to entertain you and your family. The movie was followed by a sequel called ‘Micky's Twice Upon A Christmas' with five Christmas tales. But it's Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas, which is much popular and makes it a must watch Christmas movie!

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)
In a sequel to ‘The Santa Clause' (1998), Tim Allen continues his role as Scott Calvin in The Santa Clause 2. In this movie, he is in search of Mrs. Clause, whom he could marry and continue his role as Santa. Will Scott find his lady love? Enjoy the Christmas with this humorous movie. Can Scott meet a woman and fall in love in time to marry and continue his role in time to save Christmas?

In Search Of Santa (2004)
This animated film will surely make its way into your kids heart. It is the story of Princess Crystal who finds a sleigh bell that fell from the sky. Thinking that the sleigh bell fell off of one of Santa's reindeer, she starts her journey to the North Pole along with her sister Princess Lucinda. It is a fun movie to watch because of its music, adventure, and comedy. So, brighten your Christmas mood with in search of Santa.