World Of Christmas
Watching Christmas movies together with family has become a sort of ritual. Read on to know about best Christmas movies.

Best Christmas Movies

Twinkling lights, glimmering baubles, shining stars, tinsel toes, fragrant wreaths. Does all this ring a bell? Or, better still does it ring Church bells in your ears? The word Christmas is enough to spell magic and spread gaiety all over. The magic of this festival is such that the word Christmas has come to be associated with cheerfulness and jollity. The parties, the food, the presents, are enough to keep you mesmerized for days. The best way to celebrate yuletide and to evoke Christmas fervor is by watching movies based on the holiday spirit. What could spell coziness better than a family wrapped up in a blanket with a bowl of popcorns and other delicacies and positioned in front of the television. Watching holiday movies not only invoke the feeling of holiday spirit, which translate to feeling happy, warm-hearted, kind and loving but it also gives you quality time to spend with the family. There are hundreds of movies based on Christmas however the best few of them are given here of which you can take your pick.

Famous Christmas Movies

"Jingle All the Way"
It's "The Terminator" for the tiny tots, here the real Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to go to any extent to get an unobtainable gift for his kid. The movie is quite splashy and entertains both youngsters and parents. When Sinbad plays the villain competing in the chase, smarmy neighbor Phil Hartman chases Arnold's wife played by Rita Wilson.

It's A Wonderful Life
Though most of the people who watched it love the movie there are people who doesn't approve of the movie, but no one can debate its place in the chapters of film history and the overwhelming message of love, giving and America's ability to fall into complete economic chaos in a single day. The family deaths, the Great Depression, and World War II interrupts the travel plans of George Baily forcing him to stay in his quaint hometown of Bedford Falls. He is so much in a mess and when the whole of his business is nearing closure, it takes an act of God to turn things around. He sends an angel-in-training to teach George a life lesson. The result is an outstanding performance from Jimmy Stewart and the greatest sing-along ending ever committed to celluloid. And it all happens on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Carol (1938)
The movie version of the well-known Dickens literary classic, it's a short but sweet classic. It is the beautiful set designs and powerful acting performances that make it to the must-see holiday film list. Ebeneezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim) is contentedly wanders through his life as a cruel miser until one fateful Christmas Eve when he is visited by three ghosts. They were to show him how he has degenerated in his attitude and behavior over the years and how he has become a cold-hearted old man. Using events from Scrooge's idealistic past, tenebrific present and melancholy future, and the apparitions try their best to melt his hard soul. Will Scrooge see the error of his ways and learn the true meaning of Christmas? Check out this hailed classic and find out!

White Christmas
This is an Irvine Berlin musical, first to be filmed in the classic Vista Vision. This was the top grossing movie of 1954. After World War II, song and dance men Bob Wallace and Phil Davis plan to become top Broadway producers. They agree for a nightclub act by the Haynes sisters, Betty and Judy, as a favor, for their brother who served with Bob and Phil in the war. Phil, who has always been trying to get Bob interested in a girl, realizes that Bob is smitten with Betty. He arranges their show at a small Vermont Inn and make plans to accompany the sisters There they come to know that their old commanding officer, Major General Tom Waverley, is the owner of the Inn. They learn that he has spent his money fully on the Inn and now is in the verge of bankruptcy. They come up some ideas for helping the General but ended up in some chaos caused by misunderstandings between Bob and Betty leaving it to Phil and Judy to try and get them back together.

The Bishop's Wife
Cary Grant is an angel named Dudley who uses unorthodox methods to teach religious zealots the true meaning of life. This movie is about a local Bishop who prays for God's guidance, to give him the funds and so he can focus on the construction of a cathedral. But though an angel arrives, it hits on his wife leading the Bishop into a spiral of jealousy and finally leading him back to his family.