World Of Christmas
Santa Claus and humor walk hand in hand. Christmas is fun and jokes related to Santa are quite famous. Find some Santa jokes to laugh on here.

Santa Claus Jokes

Christmas is the day to end our wait for that Mr.Fatman who in his white and red robes gives us gifts and we call him Santa Claus. Over the years Santa Claus or Father Christmas as famously called, has become a legendary figure that brings gifts to children during the evenings or early hours of the Christmas Eve. A legend says that Santa Claus lives somewhere in the North Pole along with Mrs. Claus, running a factory with elves. His mode of transport is a sleigh run by eight or nine reindeers that can fly. This is a story that you must have heard. Santa Claus is also known for his typical laughter ‘Ho Ho Ho'. It is the fun and happiness that Santa brings along that makes him the most anticipated guest during Christmas. It is not only the children but also the grownups who have an affinity for Santa. If Santa can be considered the soul behind the Christmas, his famous is his stories and jokes about him could be considered the essence . You can find the Santa jokes that will bring back the Christmas memories in the following pointers.

Jokes On Santa Claus
  • What kind of motorcycle does Santy ride?
    A "Holly" Davidson!
  • Why does Santa always go down the chimney?
    Because it soots him!
  • Who delivers Christmas presents to pets?
    Why, Santa Paws of course!
  • Where does Santa stay when he's on holidays?
    At a Ho-ho-tel!
  • What would you call Father Christmas if he became a detective?
    Santa Clues!
  • What does Santa get if he gets stuck in a chimney?
  • What does Mrs. Claus sing to Santy on his birthday?
    "Freeze a jolly good fellow!"
  • How many chimneys does Saint Nick go down?
  • What does Santa put on his toast?
    "Jingle Jam"
  • What goes oh, oh, oh?
    Santa Claus walking backwards!
  • What do you get if you cross Father Christmas with a duck?
    A Christmas Quacker!
  • Why does Santa owe everything to the elves?
    Because he is an elf-made man!
  • An honest politician, a kind lawyer and Santa Claus were walking down the street and saw a $20 bill.  Which one picked it up??
    Santa!  The other two don't exist!
  • What nationality is Santa Claus?
    North Polish!
  • What do you do if Santa Claus gets stuck in your chimney?
    Pour Santa flush on him!
  • What's red and green and flies?
    An airsick Santa Claus!
  • What does Santa say to the toys on Christmas Eve?
    Okay everyone, sack time!
  • What do you call Saint Nick after he has come down the chimney?
    Cinder Claus!
  • What do the elves call it when Père Noël claps his hands at the end of a play?
  • What's red and white and falls down the chimney?
    Santa Klutz!
  • Why does Santa like to work in his garden?
     Because he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe!
  • Where does Father Christmas go to vote?
    The North Poll!
  • What do you call a kitty on the beach on Christmas morning?
    Sandy Claws!
  • What goes Ho, Ho, Swoosh! Ho, Ho, Swoosh?
    Santa caught in a revolving door!
  • Why does Santa's sleigh get such good mileage?
    Because it has long-distance runners on each side!
  • Who delivers presents to dentist offices?
    Santa Jaws!
  • How does Père Noël take pictures?
    With his North "Pole"-aroid!
  • What did Santa say to Mrs. Claus when he looked out the window?
    Looks like "rain", "Dear"!
  • What's red & white and red & white and red & white?
    Santa rolling down a hill!
  • What is twenty feet tall, has sharp teeth and goes Ho Ho Ho?
    Tyranno-santa Rex!
  • How do we know Santa is such a good race car driver?
    Because he's always in the pole position!
  • What does Santa use when he goes fishing?
    His north pole!
  • Who delivers Christmas presents to elephants?
    Elephanta Claus!
  • What do you get if Santa comes down the chimney while the fire is still burning?
    Crisp Kringle!
  • What does Santa use when he goes fishing?
    His north pole!
  • Why does St. Nicholas have a white beard?
    So he can hide at the North Pole!
  • What do you call Santa when he has no money?
    Saint "Nickel"-less!
  • What smells most in a chimney?
    Santa's nose!
  • What does Kris Kringle like to get when he goes to the donut shop?
    A jolly roll!
  • What do you call someone who doesn't believe in Father Christmas?
    A rebel without a Claus!
  • What did Santa get when he crossed a woodpecker with kleenex?
    Rapping paper!
  • What does Santa like to have for breakfast?
  • What is invisible but smells like milk and cookies?
    Kris Kringle burps!