World Of Christmas
The Legend of Stork is intricately woven into the spirit of Christmas and makes for a Christmas legend that deserves a special mention in all books dedicated to stories for Christmas.

Legend of Stork

The long-legged stork has been marked legendary because of his exceptional attitude of compassion towards baby Jesus. He suffered all the pain he could, in bid to provide baby Jesus with comfort. When all the other animals just looked at Christ in astonishment and most of them couldn't think of any comfort to provide Him, the stork did all he could to help baby Jesus. However, the stork sighed when he saw the poor bed on which lay the Lord. It was a sight that moved him to do the seemingly impossible. Without giving it a second thought, the stork tore off his own feathers to make the best pillow any baby could ask for. With this pillow of feathers, the baby had a comfortable place to rest his head on. No wonder then that storks have been considered a sign of prosperity and good luck since ancient times. Legendary stories that revolve around the stork add remarkable essence to the spirit of Christmas. Read on for a closer look at the legend of the stork.

Stork-Patron Of Babies
Mother Mary lay in a stable in Bethlehem, with baby Jesus, surrounded by an assortment of birds and beasts that had come over to greet the Lord of the world. The wild animals stood far and just hoped for nothing more than a glimpse of the new born King while the rest of the animals knelt down humbly beside the infant. Among those kneeling, stood a long legged stork with white feathers. He was moved by the sight of the baby King lying in the straw, with no pillow, to rest His head. Although, the bird could not offer any crown or jewels befitting the baby King, his true compassion for Jesus made him give the ultimate gift to Him. He plucked feathers from his plumage and gave them to the child to be used as a pillow. This was the best pillow that the baby could ask for. Infant Jesus smiled with overwhelming gratitude and blessed the stork with undying glory and even today, storks are a symbol of births and are considered indispensable to baby-showers. Today, if one spots a stork flying in the air or on the roof a house, it is considered a lucky omen as storks are now referred to as the patrons of 'babies'.

  • As per the ancient legends, it is believed that the stork bring babies to the parents in a basket held in its beak. One of the tales states that the souls of unborn babies live in watery areas and as storks visit these areas frequently, they deliver the babies to their parents.
  • Sighting a stork is thought lucky while killing one is said to bring about nothing but misfortune on the killer.
So, you see, selfless service of the stork earned him the fame that has outlived his life by centuries. But, he wasn't pursuing fame; he just wanted an uncomfortable child to have comfortable bedding and prompted by this feeling, he did what no other animal, except for the Robin, could even think of. Who says simplicity isn't noble? Hold that thought and have a comfortable, and cushy, Christmas ahead. Merry Christmas!