World Of Christmas
Who hasn't heard of Santa Claus? But do all of us know the legend of the generous saint who brings us gifts every Christmas, without fail. Read on for the legend of Santa Claus and add to your knowledge of stories for Christmas.

Legend Of Santa Claus

Santa Claus is indispensable to Christmas. There has hardly been a Christmas when children have not waited for their kind and beloved Santa. The stories related to Santa Claus have managed to gain much popularity amongst people all over the world. Santa Claus, the noble saint with his big belly and red outfit, wanders around homes spreading the message of optimism and prosperity. He is depicted with a long white beard which is a sign of his worldly wisdom. All over the world, Santa Claus is known by different names. In Germany, he is known as 'Christindl' or the 'Christ Child'; 'Father Of Christmas' in England, 'Shengdan Laoren' in China and 'Pere Noel' in France. Children are Santa's favorites and he ensures that he gets gifts for them every Christmas. As per American legend, Santa lives in the North Pole while other legends also suggest that he stays in Finland. Children, from all over the world, often write a lot of letters to him depending on what they believe Santa's permanent abode is. Read on to know more about Santa Claus and the associated legend.

Santa Claus-Friend Of Children
The story traces the kind deeds of St. Nicholas in his city. It took form hundreds of years back when Nicholas was born to a wealthy Christian family in Myra, now located in modern Turkey. The legends of his good deeds and helpfulness soon made him the Bishop of Myra. He wished to see his people satisfied and happy and would even travel at night to ensure the same. One night, during his visits, he overheard a family complaining about their misfortunes and poverty which was compelling them to sell their three daughters as slaves or prostitutes. Nicholas could not stand their plight and threw three purses of gold from the chimney in to their house secretly. Such instances were common and only made him more popular. He was referred to as the 'Patron Saint of Children and Sailors'. Every year on December 6th, that is the death anniversary of St. Nicholas, families prepare feasts in honor of the memory of St. Nicholas. Owing to the respect for his great nature, it is also considered good fortune to get married on the same day.

  • Santa Claus, the American version of St. Nicholas originated from the legends of ‘Sint Nikolaas’ or ‘Sinterklaas’, which is the Dutch version of the same legend.
  • Santa is believed to travel across the globe with his eight flying reindeers, including Rudolph who is a red nosed reindeer.
  • In some parts of the world, children are given gifts only if they behave well throughout the year, or else Santa may just leave twigs in their shoes. This helps parents actually keep their kids away from mischief.
  • Thousands of churches have been built for St. Nicholas, or Santa Claus, in Europe as well as in other places.
Santa's ritual of giving gifts throws light on his compassionate character. He signifies the virtue of being always ready to help people in need. And no matter what you call him, Santa is the love and compassion that Christmas stands for.