World Of Christmas
The legend of the Christ Child gave birth to the Christmas tree. Learn here how this came to be.

Legend Of The Christ Child

Decorating the Christmas tree, the highlight of Yuletide festivities, is due to the legend of the Christ Child. As in any Christmas tradition, this legend too has been overshadowed, in this case by the Christmas tree. Yes, one of the foremost and attractive joys of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree, but, not many people know why the tree has so much importance in Christianity. As with other myths and legends, this particular one is also not the only version. Many such exist but the central story that the tree was a gift of the Christ Child to those who are selfless and kind remains the same. Also, like all other legends, this is also a fable to share with people while celebrating Christmas - to spread love and cheer and to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Go through this interesting legend given below to know the true spirit of Christmas.

The Legend
There was a poor woodcutter who worked hard to make his ends meet and earn his daily bread. He had a loving wife and two lovely children called Valentine and Marie. All of them helped him in his work, were obedient to him and were pious in nature. They read the Bible daily, even on days when they had nothing or very little to eat. Once, when they were going through this particular daily ritual, somebody knocked on the window. It was a little child suffering from cold and hunger. They pitied him and immediately took him inside their small home. Both the children offered him a place near the fire to keep him warm and a portion of their bread. Since, he seemed very tired, they offered him their bed too while they slept on the bench in great discomfort throughout the night.

The stranger child thanked them for their kindness and soon fell asleep. The family prayed for the poor child who did not even have the nice warm room and the comfortable bed that they had. They could only fall asleep late at night but little Marie was woken up in the wee hours of the morning by sweet musical sound of harps and singing that seemed almost divine. She gently woke up her brother Valentine and, together, they listened to the notes and realized that it was the angels singing for the Christ Child, the child they had played host to a day before. Their hearts leapt with happiness and then they looked through the window and saw the most beautiful dawn breaking and a number of little children holding golden harps and lutes, dressed in sparkling silver robes.

The brother and sister turned around to see the stranger Child standing behind them wearing golden robes and a golden crown. He told them that he was indeed the Christ Child and wandered around to give good things and joys to loving children. Since they had been so unselfish and helpful, he gave them his blessing and took a bough from a nearby fir tree and planted it in the ground. He then told them, that this branch would soon grow up to give them Christmas fruits every year. The Christ Child then vanished leaving the children overwhelmed with what they had seen and heard. Soon, the fir branch grew into a high and stately Christmas tree that bore golden apples, silver nuts and lovely toys on every Christmas Eve. Hence, it is said that it is in remembrance and anticipation of the Christ Child that the Christmas tree is decorated every year.