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Legend of the Nativity

Legend of the Nativity

The story of Nativity reiterates the birth of Jesus Christ that probably happened over two thousand years ago. In the town of Nazareth, there lived a pure young woman called Mary, who was engaged to a poor but good man called Joseph, who was a carpenter by profession. Since she was so good, God chose her to bear His child and He sent an angel to the Lady to prophesize the birth of the Holy Son through her womb and that she must call her Jesus. Joseph also dreamt the same thing so that he was assured of the purity and virginity of Mary. However, all people were not so kind to Mary and accused her of loose character and called her names. Joseph came to her rescue and married her.

When Mary was still pregnant, the tyrant King Herod ordered all people to go to their birth towns to pay a special tax. Since, Joseph belonged to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph had to undertake a long journey to pay the tax. Since, Mary could not walk very far, She rode on a donkey for a few days over the hills of Gallilee. At last, they arrived at Bethlehem. Though, they were very tired and Mary was about to have the baby, it was not easy for them to find a room or a place to stay in the crowded city as every inn was already full of other people who had arrived before them. However, one kind innkeeper, seeing the perils of the couple, offered them a place in his stable where he kept his animals, which was the only place available with him.

Since, there was no help, Mary and Joseph stayed there and shaped a crib for the baby by stacking the manger with hay and straw to make Him as comfortable as possible. A few hours later, Mary gave birth to her son and wrapped him in strips of cloth. At the instant, Jesus was born to Mary; an angel appeared to some shepherds tending their sheep on the hillside overlooking Bethlehem. He told them not to be afraid and that the Son of God and their Savior has now been born. He then directed them to the stable where the Holy Child was resting his manger. Shepherds immediately set out to see the baby and were much rejoiced to behold Him there and knelt down full of love for Him and worshipped Him.

At that very instant, the three wise men who were Kings from the East also saw a new star in the sky. They were known as Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. All three understood the special significance of this star after studying their scrolls and took gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh respectively for the new born baby and the new King of the world and set out in search of Him. They came seeking for him to the court of King Herod in Jerusalem, thinking perhaps, they would find him in his palace. They requested him to see the child that would be King of the Jews, sending a wave of panic through the tyrant who would no leave no stone unturned to save his throne. However, the King tried to deceive them by saying that he knew of no such child and if they found Him, to return to his palace and take him to the child so that he could also worship him.

The men set out again and were guided by the star to the stable in Bethlehem. They were overwhelmed by the divine presence and worshipped Baby Jesus and gave him gifts. In the night, all of them dreamt about an angel warning them about the devious plan of King Herod to kill the Infant and thus, asking them to go straight back to their countries instead of going to Herod's palace. The wise men dutifully followed the advice of the angel and set out for their homes. Soon after, an angel warned Joseph in his dream that he should immediately leave Bethlehem for Egypt for Herod wanted to kill the Baby. Joseph and Mary set out too with baby Jesus in their hands and safely crossed to Egypt, long before Herod ordered all baby boys in Bethlehem to be killed.