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If you are throwing a Christmas party for kids, then you will find these fun Christmas recipes, mentioned in this article, for kids quite useful.

Fun Christmas Recipes For Kids

There is a lot going on in your mind nowadays as winter has knocked at your door and you are aware that the festive season is round the corner. Nothing is going as planned. Every baker has refused to prepare extra cookies for you and you don't want to ruin the party you promised your kids about. So the best option for you is to cook some homemade stuff for the little angels. But you are really confused right now thinking of what to prepare which will be tasty and fun simultaneously. Christmas is about lots of rich desserts but you can always experiment and come up with something new and tasty. So do not lose heart and try the following recipes which are surely going to save your day.

Fun Christmas Recipes For Kids Party

Baby Christmas Puddings
To prepare this mouthwatering treat, you just need 1 (800g) dark fruit cake, 6 tablespoons of brandy, 100g melted white chocolate, 4 red snakes chopped into 0.5cm lengths and 8 green snakes chopped into 0.5cm lengths. In a large mixing bowl, break fruit cake into crumbs. Add brandy and mix together. Roll one tablespoonful of mixture into a ball and set aside on some plastic wrap. Add drizzle cooled melted chocolate on top of each ball. Press one piece of red snake berry in the centre of the chocolate and add two pieces of green snake leaves on either side to complete the look.

Christmas Crackles
To make some of these you will need 200g chopped Mars bars, 2 tablespoons of pouring cream, 2 teaspoons sifted cocoa powder, 3 cups Rice Bubbles, 20 glace cherries or small chocolate Santas. Place 20 paper cases into the cupcake tins. Melt the Mars bars, cream and cocoa in a glass bowl over simmering water. The bowl should not touch water. Stir the mixture until smooth. Put the Rice Bubbles in a separate large bowl, pour in the chocolate mixture and stir until well mixed. Spoon the mixture into paper cases and top each one with a cherry or chocolate. Refrigerate until firm.

For preparing this sumptuous treat you will need 1 packet cupcake mix with icing Sprinkles, 100s and 1000s, Choc chips and writing icings. Follow packet directions for cupcakes and icing. When cupcakes are cool, spread with icing. Put small bowls of the assorted toppings on the bench and let your miniature artists work their magic.

Homemade Lemonade
For this refreshing drink you will need 300g sugar, 6 lemons, 3 cups, water and Soda water. Now peel lemon rind into strips. Squeeze juice from lemons into a jug, cover and store in the fridge. Place the sugar in a glass mixing bowl, stir in the lemon rind and cover with plastic wrap and leave overnight. Add 3 cups of boiling water to sugar and rind, stir until sugar has dissolved and add lemon juice. Strain syrup into a glass bottle, allow cooling and store in fridge. To serve, pour a small amount of syrup into a glass and fill glass with soda water. Adjust to suit your sweet tooth.

To start making these jiggling jellies you will need 8 small glasses or plastic cups, 1 packet of raspberry jelly, 1 packet of passion fruit jelly, 1 packet of lime jelly and fresh berries or Christmas lollies to decorate. Now when the ingredients are ready, prepare red jelly and pour 1/4 cup into each cup, refrigerate until set (will take about 4-6 hours). Prepare yellow jelly, allow cooling and pour 1/4 cup gently on top of red jelly, return to fridge until set. Prepare green jelly, allow it to cool and pour 1/4 cup gently on top of yellow jelly. Return to fridge until set. Just before serving, decorate with berries or lollies.

Mini Toasts
For preparing these savories you'll need 1 packet (36) mini toasts, mayonnaise, 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of chicken breast and 4 slices of tasty cheese. Cut ham and chicken into 16 squares. Spread mini toasts with mayonnaise and top 16 with ham and the remainder with chicken. Cut cheese into 32 squares and place on top of each mini toast. Allow four mini toasts per child as a snack.

Rum Balls
This Christmas savory is a must-have for every house on Christmas. For preparing these, you'll need 1 packet Marie biscuits, 1 cup coconut, one 200g can condensed milk, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 120g melted copha, teaspoon vanilla essence, 2 teaspoons rum and extra coconut for coating. Use a food processor to crumble half the biscuits, pour into a large mixing bowl and repeat with remaining biscuits. Add coconut, condensed milk, cocoa, copha, vanilla and rum to the biscuits and mix well. Roll one heaped teaspoonful of mixture into a ball and roll in extra coconut.