World Of Christmas
Know about Santa's village in Lapland, Finland, where Santa Claus lives with Mrs. Claus and his elves.

Santa Lives in Lapland!

Originally, Santa used to live in the South. But his long beard used to itch in the hot sweaty weather. Making presents at a place where it is hot day and night and you sweat constantly is not easy. So, Santa decided to find a new home for himself, where it is cool enough for him to feel comfortable, even when he is working hard to fulfill all the requests of the good children and make millions of toys in time. He shifted to Greenland for sometime but then he felt it was too cold for him there. He went to Norway but there too, he couldn't find a suitable and secret place where he can live and run his workshop without being bothered by humans all the time. So, he shifted from there too.

Still, the people of Greenland and Norway think that Santa has homes in their countries too, though the truth is that he had just stopped there temporarily while testing out waters before finalizing where to settle for eternity. In Sweden, Santa did find some helpful elves to help him but then, there were not enough reindeers for his transport and to pull his sledge on Christmas Eve. Lapland in Finland, finally, attracted him with kind and wise elves and its abundant population of reindeers. The kindly people of Lapland, beauty of Nature, long summer days and dark winters suited Santa well and thus, this is the place, which he chose to be his home and workshop.

It is believed that it took as many as hundred years to finally make the huge workshop for Santa where millions of presents and toys were to be built every year for all the good children throughout the world. It is situated somewhere inside the Ear Mountain in Savukoski or the Polar Circle but no one knows its entrance, except for Santa and his team of course. Finns are proud to live in the same country as Santa. There is a hut at the Polar Circle, where Santa chats with the visitors and listen to their requests. You may even feed his reindeers and see Rudolph here.

There was a time when Santa Claus and his reindeers personally catered to all the children all over the world. But with the population explosion, it is no longer possible for old Santa to do it all alone. So he made a pact with all the fathers and mothers. Parents who can afford to buy or make presents for their children will do so themselves and Santa will have to cater to only the poor and destitute ones. However, it is still the responsibility of the elves to make sure that whether the children have been naughty or nice during the year and whether they deserve the present this Christmas or not.