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Know how to write letters to Santa, tips on writing letter to Santa for kids.

Letter to Santa

We all love our jolly and kindly elf known as Santa Claus. We love everything about him - from his red suit with white trimmings to his snow-white beard, his ever smiling face and twinkling eyes. He and his group of other elves keep a record of the good and bad deeds of all the children in the world throughout the year and the requests sent by them. Then, the good children have their wishes fulfilled and receive presents they requested from Santa on Christmas Eve while. Mrs Claus is good too. She keeps herself busy in her kitchen and prepares delectable cookies and cakes, crackers and puddings, candies and candied fruits to be delivered to children, when Santa is distributing his gifts. Here are some tips on writing letters to Santa:
  • It will be thoughtful to write letters to Santa much before Christmas Eve, so that your request can be processed in time and does not get lost in the last-minute frenzy on Christmas Eve.
  • Remember, Santa has to fulfill requests of millions of children every years and it costs money. So, keep your requests simple. Don't be greedy and do not ask for expensive gifts. Keep your list short.
  • Make sure that you thank Santa, Mrs Claus and their elves, for all the hard work they are doing. They need to be appreciated too.
  • Tell Santa, where he can find milk and cookies for him or hay and sugar for his reindeers at your home, so he doesn't have to waste time looking for them.
  • Wash your red stockings well or polish your boots well in readiness for Santa. Tell Santa, where he can find them such as - hanging from the fireplace, on the windowsill, near the doorway or outdoors.
  • Tell Santa why you think you deserve your Christmas gifts, whether you have been a good child last year and that you are sorry for doing anything naughty in the past year.
  • Santa loves kind children. So, this Christmas you may ask something for somebody else that you think needs a Christmas present more than you.
  • Write neatly. It will make it easier for Santa and his elves to read and understand what you want.