World Of Christmas
Here are tips on maintaining Good Deed calendar for Santa, good work calendar for kids and good deeds journal for children.

Good Deed Calendar & Journal for Santa

We all know that Santa keeps record of everything that kids do all over the world. He and his workers keep a track of all the good and bad deeds that children have done over the year and screen children who have been good, so that they can process their requests. They do not bother about children who are naughty, are disobedient or rude to their parents and teachers, hurt other children or use rude words, not to mention the children who steal or do not help people in need. Of course, you want to be on the 'Good Children List' of Santa. All kids do. So, the best way to do so is to maintain a calendar or journal of all the good things that you do over the year:
  • Take a beautiful calendar or journal of this year. It should be in bright colors and funky, so that you keep using it regularly.
  • Every day, write down about the good deed/s you have done that day or jot down the points in your calendar. The things that can be included are - helping your mom with housework, helping your neighbors with their chores, polish boots for your Dad, doing your homework in time and study well, helping another kid in need and other good things.
  • Though, you want to show off yourself in the best light, Santa knows everything and he will find out, if you tell lies in your good deed calendar or journal. This will further deteriorate your image in his eyes. So, never tell lies or make up things you have not done.
  • Be sorry for any bad deed that you have done or when you have been naughty and try to avoid any such thing in the future.
  • Be extra helpful and kind, obedient and cheerful and finish your work in time this year, so that you can add a lot in your good deed calendar on journal.
If you make it to the top of the Santa's list, Santa may visit you personally!