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Christmas celebrations in Central America involve great pomp and show. Explore all the information about Central American Christmas celebrations.

Christmas In Central America

Christmas is one of those holidays that exude immense vibrancy. Like other places, even Central America celebrates with joy and love. The festivities are characterized snowflakes, sleigh bells, Christmas trees and carol singing and so on. Most places in Central America are Catholic, hence showing remarkable similarity to traditions in The United States of America. Prior to the D-day, the streets are usually bustling with activity, families decorating their homes with lights, stores giving out discounts and jubilant children buying gifts. On the eve of Christmas in Central America, there may be processions with people wearing beautiful costumes and organizing events. Desserts are an important part of Christmas meals. Picnics and bull fights can be commonly seen among smaller groups and families. No celebrations can be complete without the presence and decoration of Christmas trees. As mentioned earlier, there is a large semblance of Christmas in Central America with that of other continents but the former has its own uniqueness.

Christmas Celebrations In Central America

Christmas Celebrations In Mexico
Christmas celebrations in Mexico start on the 16th of December i.e. the First Day of Posadas. It is celebrated 9 days before Christmas Day. 'Posada' is a Mexican word, which honours the pilgrimage of the Holy Family. People visiting neighbouring houses enact the role of pilgrims and the ritual ends with a prayer around the creche placed on the family altar. Christmas Eve is highlighted with fireworks, food and pinatas and more importantly, an idol of Baby Jesus is placed in a cradle in the center. This is followed by midnight mass.

Children Honour Virgin Mary In Nicaragua
Christmas celebrations in Nicaragua begin by late November itself. The streets are filled with singing children who adorn the Virgin Mary with bouquets of flowers. These festivities end on December 6th with the Feast of Immaculate Conception. On December 16th, Novena to the Holy Child begins, which goes on until Christmas Eve.

Festivities In Panama
In Panama, school children engage in merry-making by means of decorations, cards, gift exchanges and games. On the Eve of Christmas and Christmas Day, chicken with rice and tamales are served to the whole family. Children receive gifts on the Feast of Epiphany or Kings Day.

Puerto Rico Celebrates Asalto
Festivities in Puerto Rico are greatly influenced by American and Spanish customs. Celebrations start in early December and continue until 'Las Octavitas', which is 8 days after the Epiphany. Asalto is a fun tradition in Puerto Rico where people visit each other's houses, sing carols and eat candy. A small party may be organized by the end of the night.

Celebrations In Costa Rica
In Costa Rica, Christmas celebrations start in late November. Beautiful Christmas trees with evergreen branches, dried coffee branches or small Cyprus trees are decorated. White paper, white paint, coloured balls, tiny figures and the star of Bethlehem is commonly used for decoration. Portal is a popular and traditional nativity scene with grass, mosses, sawdust, cypress twigs and black paper. Despite conventional figures such as Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds, other dolls, fruits, berries and lights may also be seen.

Christmas is celebrated with fervor in Central America. Hope this article has given you enough inspiration to be a part of the festivities!