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Here, we are providing you some ideas about Christmas toys for toddlers. Know about Christmas toys for babies/infants.

Christmas Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers love to play with toys. During the beginning years of their life, toys help them with the early development of their body and mind. Though they are fond of the playthings, they cannot make any specific demands regarding the type of toy they would like to play with. It is, thus, in the hands of parents to decide what type of toys they want to give to their child. Most of the toys for infants, babies and toddlers are meant to help in their physical as well as mental development and combine play with education. In fact, toys are used to teach the kids about alphabets, colors, numbers, etc. This Christmas, choose some nice toys for your infant, which will help in the development of his/her senses, like that of sound, sight, smell, etc. We have provided a list of the top Christmas toys for toddlers and infants below.

Popular Christmas Toys for Toddlers
  • Building blocks of different shapes and sizes are very much liked by babies and at the same time, lead to the development of their mental faculties.
  • Any toy that produces sound or light fascinates toddlers very much. Not only does the effect draws the attention of the child, but it also makes him/her wary of the different sounds and light produced.
  • If your baby has started teething, then the best gift for him/her will be flavored teethers. This way, your baby would be less cranky, thanks to the soothing effect of the teether.
  • If your kid is around one year old, then, it is best to give him/her a walker, which will help him/her in moving around without help. Choose a walker that can be adjusted into different heights and has quite a few toys on the toy bar.
  • If the baby is too small, like 2-3 months old, you can buy some nice rattling toys for his/her cot. The varying colors, shapes and sizes of the toys is sure to attract and child and also help him her know more about these concepts.
  • Experienced or newbies, all parents would agree to the fact that it’s a pain to bathe a toddler. Hence, gifting toddler bathing toys can be a good idea to divert his/her attention from bathing. These toys can usually float and squirt in water.
  • Big colorful balls too can be a nice gift for your toddler. In fact, they are available in different styles and make different sound when tapped or pushed.