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Here, we have provided a list of popular Christmas toys for girls. Know more about girl's Christmas toys.

Christmas Toys for Girls

Come Christmas time and girls start waiting for the moment when they will unwrap their gifts. So why not gift your daughter with something, seeing which will have her smiling from ear to ear, within a flash. But if you're confused over what gift to get for your precious little apple-of-the-eye of a daughter, worry not and know this: even girls like to receive toys as Christmas gifts as much as the boys, though their preference is quite different from that of the boys. Girls prefer having cute, cuddly toys: like soft toys, dolls, and so on, as Christmas gifts. If nothing has been striking in your mind, you can also choose any gift from the list of the 'popular Christmas toys for girls' given below.

Popular Christmas Toys for Girls
  • The little mermaid 'Ariel' is still amongst the popular cartoon characters of little girls. Little Mermaid toys are one of the best gifts that you can give to your daughter on Christmas day.
  • Barbie dolls were, are, and will always remain one of the favorite Christmas toys for girls. Modernized Barbie doll houses are also in the market and will definitely perk up your little girl.
  • Boys aren't the only ones who are interested in gadgets like walkie-talkie sets, binoculars, night vision goggles, digital cameras etc. Such gadgets are becoming quite popular amongst girls also.
  • You can also give toys like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage and horse to your little princess. Additionally, dress her up in a Cinderella costume and you are good to take her to a party meant only for girls!
  • A fashion design kit including a mannequin, dresses, garment bag and hanger, sketch book, fabric swatches, scissors, threads, and other necessary items. Who knows, it might bring out the fashion designer in her!
  • Almost every little girl has a fascination to apply makeup like her mother. So why not gift her with little make up kit with kid friendly products. Something as basic as a lotion, hand cream, kohl and lip balm would be great options to explore.
  • Technically, story books may not be toys but they will fulfill the purpose of keeping your girl happy and engaged. If she’s a little older, Nancy Drew stories may be more apt for her than other story books.  
  • Teddy bears are liked by almost all the girls, whether big or small. So, why not give a big life size teddy bear to your daughter on this Christmas. She is sure to be overtly pleased with the Santa Claus this year.
  • Toys like Balls, Flying discs (Frisbees) and Badminton Racquets can also be given to girls as Christmas gifts, especially if they are very much interested in sports.