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Given here is a list of fun Christmas toys for boys. Read on to know about boy's Christmas toys.

Christmas Toys for Boys

Boys love to receive toys as Christmas gifts. In fact, most of their enthusiasm about Christmas holiday stems from their anticipation of the toys that they will be receiving as gifts. It is not too difficult to find the toys to be given to boys as Christmas presents as numerous options are available in the market around the holiday season. Also, there are some toys that are more or less universal and liked by all the boys. You just have to go to a shop and pick out the toy that you think will be liked by the boy for whom you are buying the gift. In the following lines, we have provided a list of fun Christmas toys for boys.

Popular Christmas Toys for Boys
  • Playstation is a fad that continues to grow stronger, thanks to the motion gaming option and plenty of games to choose from. It will make an exciting toy cum gift for all the boys. Xbox, Nintendo, and PSP are other options that would work just as well.
  • Gift a boy a Roboraptor, a robot that uses motion technology based on biomechanics to give it natural movements, and rest assured he won't ask you for another toy for atleast the another six months.
  • Little boys still love Harry Potter and Harry Potter inspired toys are still their all time favorites. Apart from these, there are other options like Transformers toys, Star Wars toys, and Superhero toys like Iron Man, Super Man, Spiderman, and Batman etc.
  • Hot Wheels wall tracks, which are installed on the walls (without damaging them) instead on the floor (where you can and you will step on them every now and then) are great to give to pre teen boys.
  • Games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Sudoku are quite fun to play with. At the same time, they make the boys of aware of the realities of life, like shooting up of house rents, balancing of house budget and so on. Additionally, such games help build their vocabulary, and sharpen the problem solving skills.
  • Riding toys like electric scooter, power wheels jeep, and electric dirt bike also make up for great Christmas toys for boys. Although, while gifting these, make sure that they ride in your or their parents’ sight and supervision.
  • How about gifting a new bed to your boy who’ll soon move out of the life behind the crib. Not just any bed, but a race car bed! With its cool race car design, it’ll make sleeping much more fun and a joy ride.
  • If your boy loves to look at the night sky and is infatuated by the planetary objects, a pair of strong binoculars or a telescope will make for a wonderful gift.
  • If the boy for whom the gift is intended to loves music or has an inclination towards learning it, then a small-sized piano is another wonderful gift to give. However, its size is more appropriate for pre-teen boys.
  • Horse racing game is quite popular amongst boys and will keep them hooked for hours. Give spark off to that cowboy in your child and let him go wild with this game during his Christmas vacation.
  • PC Tour Golf Simulator is the perfect Christmas toy for a boy, especially if he is interested in golf. This would give the child a near-real experience of golfing out in the greens.