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Christmas Party Activities For Children

Kids and children love action and thrill. They like to copy their adults and like to imitate that we do. It is difficult to keep them entertained for long. But here are some tips and ideas for activities that will make your Christmas and holiday parties a favorite among kids and children of all ages:
  • Kid Christmas Decorations - Children love to use their imagination and colors. Give them some arts and crafts material and help them to draw or make whatever they like. In the end, they can take their projects home but not before you click their photograph along with what they have made for your Christmas album. You can also give prizes to encourage them.
  • Play Games - Party games, quizzes and treasure or scavenger hunts are of course the best way to keep kids occupied throughout the party.
  • Cooking & Baking - Actually, this is for adults to do. While you are baking Christmas cakes and cookies, put chits of paper with funny fortune lines written on them. Children love fortune cookies or are always curious to know what their piece of cake might contain. Pack some treats in creative ways to make wonderful party favor for kid Christmas party this year.
  • Tell Stories - Build up a bonfire or dim the lights of the room and make children sit in a circle to listen to Christmas stories that they love. Dramatic expressions give new life to classic holiday stories. You may also share stories of kindness and charity and how they are related to Christmas and ask children to narrate the times when they have been good this year.
  • Visit from Santa - Ask a friend to entertain kids at the Christmas part by wearing a Santa costume, using pillow to make the pot belly and distribute inexpensive gifts in them. If possible, an opportunity to sit in Santa's lap and talk to him can make kids very happy. You can also take photo of each child with Santa and give it to the child as a party favor.
  • Watch Movies - This is the easiest party idea for kids of all ages. Choose holiday or Christmas themed movies, a silent room, couch and seating arrangement to watch movies comfortably, lots of cushions and pillows to lean on, popcorns, cookies and other goodies to munch upon and perhaps hot chocolate too. If kids are still young, you may like to cover the floor, carpet and furniture with plastic sheets so that they are not stained.