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Read about avoiding credit card debts in holiday season, debt free holiday ideas and tips on credit card shopping on Christmas.

Credit Card Debts In Holiday Season

Excessive shopping mania, buying gifts for the entire family and friends, holiday expenses, buying new clothes for everyone in the household and throwing parties, everything that makes holiday season so lovable ends up in a hole in our pockets and stress on our minds. Huge credit card bills and accumulating interest rates wipe off the smiles soon enough as we waddle through our messed-up financial situations. Here are some tips that can help us in preventing mounting credit card debts and handling them:
  • Credit cards offered by stores and discounts that they offer on them can seem luring but they can tax your pocket heavily later. So, beware of giving in to the temptations!
  • Cut down on the list of people for whom you buy gifts. Buy presents only for very close family and friends. Others can be sent a Christmas card. You can call colleagues and neighbors to wish them and make homemade gifts, cookies and treats for those whom you meet daily.
  • If you are already into debts, try to pay off those companies first that charge highest interest rates. To balance your expenses you can hold on the debts by paying minimum due on companies that charge lower interest rates. However, it is always better to try and pay off as much as you can at once instead of trying to hold on to the debts.
  • If you are shopoholic and cannot stop yourself from rushing off to last-minute sales and take advantage of holiday schemes, do wait for your Christmas shopping until last week. This will help you not to buy gifts that you would like to hoard for next year.
  • If you are under heavy debts, contact consumer credit counseling services to help you settle your debts by negotiating with your credit card companies and setting up a reasonable payment plan.
  • Use credit cards only when you are traveling, shopping online or doing shopping over the phone. Otherwise, use cash or debit cards only.