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Christmas season has ended and it is the time for Christmas wreath storage. Make use of the ideas given here for storing Christmas wreath.

Christmas Wreath Storage

Christmas has come and gone! You attended lots of parties, gave and received gifts and had lots and lots of fun. Since the party season is over, it is the time for taking off and storing all the decorations and ornaments, including the Christmas wreath. In case you went in for a fresh Christmas wreath, you can only throw it away. However, if your wreath was an artificial one, the time has come to store it properly, so that you can use it the next year also. In the following lines, we have mentioned a number of Christmas wreath storage ideas.

Storage Bags/Boxes
Storage bags as well as storage boxes for Christmas wreaths are easily available in the market. These bags/boxes are made while keeping in mind your requirements and will suit your needs perfectly. These bags/boxes will also help you in maintaining the shape of the wreath.

Plastic Bags
If you don't want to spend money on buying Christmas tree storage bags from the market, make use of the plastic bags that you get when you shop for anything. Wrap the wreath in the plastic bag, add a hook to it and hang it in the store.

Shoe Boxes
Why don't you make use of the numerous shoeboxes lying in the house? The small and medium wreaths will easily fit into the box. Ensure that you use a strong shoebox to save the wreath from damage.

Storing a number of Wreaths
In case you have to store more than one wreath, first wrap them individually with the help of acid-free tissues or plastic bags. Now, put the wreaths in the storage box, back to back.

Wreath Ornaments
Never ever wrap the wreath along with the ornaments. First remove all the ornaments from the wreath and then pack both the things separately.