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Making Christmas wreaths is one of the entertaining activities of the season. Check out how to make easy Christmas wreath.

Making Christmas Wreaths

You are thinking of making Christmas wreaths at home this year. However, you don't even have the faintest idea of how to go about it. No Worries! We are here to solve all your problems and dilemmas. This article is intended to tell people how to make easy Christmas wreath. Use the ideas given below and experience the joy of making Christmas wreaths.

  • A large plastic ring (depending upon the size of the wreath)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Wreath decorations
  • Christmas garlands
  • Cord
  • Take the plastic ring, clean it properly and wrap the entire circumference with a glitter garland or a green garland. The length of the garland will depend upon the density of your wreath. If you want the wreath to be fully made of flowers, the length of the garland should be atleast six feet.
  • Make sure that you glue only the ends of the garlands, so that you would be able to push parts of the garland for fitting in the ornaments.
  • Now, use the ornaments to decorate the Christmas wreath. Ensure that the ring does not remain devoid of ornaments at all.
  • The larger and heavier ornaments should be attached towards the bottom or the center of the wreath and the smaller ones on the upper side. This way, the Christmas wreath will look balanced and please the eye.
  • The ornaments should be attached with the help of hot glue, that to directly to the plastic ring and not the garland.
  • Attach a big red bow at the bottom of the Christmas wreath to compete the look.