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Making Christmas stockings at home is one of the easiest jobs. Check out how to make easy Christmas stocking.

How to Make Christmas Stockings

You have decided to make Christmas stockings at home this year and are feeling a little confused as to how to go about it. Don't worry! It is very easy to make Christmas stockings at home. You just need to arrange for the basic materials, most of which will be easily available in your home only. There is no need for lavish fabrics or even a special sewing machine. Just follow the simple steps given below for making Christmas stockings.
  • Take a large piece of cloth, the size depending upon the length of your stocking.
  • Fold the cloth into half right from the center.
  • Now, draw the shape of the stocking, it may be a regular stocking or a boot-shaped stocking.
  • You may also take an old stocking and trace out its shape on the cloth.
  • If you want to be a little different, put a cuff for embellishment.
  • Now cut out the front and back of the cloth.
  • Cut out two lining pieces of the same shape and size.
  • Use ribbons, lace, trims, bells or any other decoration to embellish the front as well the cuffs of the stocking.
  • Take a thread of the same color as the stocking and sew the right sides together, from the front to the back.
  • Now, trim and clip curves and then, turn the right side out.
  • Sew the lining pieces together from the right sides. Then, trim and clip curves.
  • Place the lining inside the shell of the stocking.
  • Sew strip, of approximately one-inch wide fabric, on the outside, along the top edge. The seam should be around one-fourth of an inch.
  • Now, turn the stocking to the inside and stitch down.
  • The last step is to add loop to the stocking so that it can be hung.