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Christmas songs and carols in Spanish are known as 'Villancicos' and were very popular among the noblemen and the plebeians alike in the Middle Ages.

Spanish Christmas Songs

Spanish Christmas songs or carols originated early in the Middle Ages and were a part of the Christmas celebration during these times, but it was only from 16th century onwards that they were written down and are continued to be sung even today in Spain during Christmas. Known as 'Villancicos', the Spanish Christmas songs were very popular among the noblemen and the plebeians alike in the Middle Ages. These Spanish Christmas songs are very popular in Spain as well as in other Latin American countries.

Many of the Spanish Christmas songs have been translated into the language from English, however there are many Christmas carols and songs that have originated in Spain. The translations are however usually not always literal and there are few changes in words here and there. The essence of the Christmas spirit however continues to remain in these translated Christmas Spanish songs. The Spanish Christmas songs and carols like in other places are sung with music accompaniments. Some of the traditional Spanish instruments that are used to give melody and tune to the Christmas songs are the 'almierz' (metallic mortar), 'zambomba' (drum-like folk instrument) and 'pandereta' (tambourines).

Spanish Christmas songs are based on Christmas season theme. Like most of the Christmas songs in other countries, in Spain popular themes like birth of baby Jesus, adoration of the Three Kings, Mother Mary performing the activities of a mother with baby Jesus, the visit of the shepherds to the manger and celebrating the joy of Christmas among other things. Some of the popular Spanish Christmas songs are Campana Sobre Campana, Los Peces En El Río, Ay Del Chiquirritín, Ande Ande Ande La Marimorena and Canta Ríe Bebe. Apart from these songs, there are also some popular English Christmas songs that have been translated into Spanish. Some of them are Away in a Manger - Cascabel; The First Noel - Los doc diaz de; Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Escuchad el son triunfal; Jingle Bells #1- Navidad, navidad; and Jingle Bells #2 - Noche sagrada. So this Christmas, add a little Spanish flavor to your celebrations.