World Of Christmas
Philippines is one of the two predominant catholic countries of Asia. Christmas is hence celebrated here with much fervor, with kids and adults singing traditional Filipino Christmas songs.

Filipino Christmas Songs

Philippines has earned the reputation of being a nation that celebrates the world longest Christmas season. One can hear people singing Christmas carols as early as September and the celebration lasts till Epiphany, celebrated on first Sunday of the year. The birth of Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated at midnight with the Misa de Gallo (Night Mass), together with hallelujahs and Christmas carols. Philippines is hence very famous for its Christmas festivities and Filipino Christmas songs are an integral part of the celebration.

One of the popular Christmas traditions in the Philippines is the children and adults posing as part time carolers, who go from house to house singing Christmas carols. The part time carolers also some times collect funds from these houses they visit and utilize it for organizing some feast for the poor and the needy on Christmas. The carolers too are very humble and thank the people of the house by singing 'thank you, you are so kind' (ang babait ninyo). Philippines has a tradition of yearly caroling and not only kids but church organizations, groups of friends and even clubs go for caroling, raising funds for the needy. Some pf the popular Filipino Christmas carols or songs are 'Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit', 'Namamasko', 'Pasko Na Naman'. Here you can have a flavor of Filipino Christmas song, as given below is a Filipino Christmas song with its English translation.

Sa may báhay ang áming báti
Filipino Lyrics:

Sa may báhay ang áming báti
"Merry Christmas na maluwalháti!"
Ang pag-íbig, pag siyàng naghári,
Aràw-áraw ay mágiging Paskó lagí!

Ang sanhî po ng pagparíto,
Ay híhingi po ng áginaldo.
Kung sakáli't kami'y perhuwísyo
Pasensya na kayó't kamí'y namámasko!

English Translation:

At the house we greet:
"A Glorious Merry Christmas!"
If Love were to reign,
Then everyday would be Christmas!

The reason we came here
Is to ask for gifts.
If it so happens we are a bother,
Be patient since we're soliciting for Christmas!