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Experience the Christmas holidays hassle free. Plan your Christmas vacations in advance and enjoy the festivities.

Best Christmas Vacation Destinations

"At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year." The quote says it all. Christmas is a season of fun filled activities and festive time. It's a time to let your hair down and enjoy. And what better way to enjoy Christmas than by planning a Christmas vacations. The world is filled with exotic, picturesque and beautiful locales and you can explore them during your Christmas vacationing. There are destinations where you can enjoy unforgettable holidays. One can plan for a destination depending on the budget and the preference of the family. These days holiday packages are available to almost anywhere. So whatever may be your preferences, you can plan your vacation accordingly. However, don't forget to plan in advance because Christmas is considered the busiest time of the year. Planning in advance is also important to be able to get a good deal on flights, hotels and all such details. Read on to know best Christmas vacation destination.

Top Destinations For Christmas Vacations

Singapore is a vibrant island city state in Asia. As a part of Christmas vacation, Singapore provides a fun and festivity season for the whole family. You can enjoy shopping in the brightly illuminated city area. Singaporean Christians pray in one of the most important churches known as St Andrews cathedral. People of all generations can enjoy the masterpieces, crafts and the parades that happen on the orchard road, which is the heartland of the city. The locals and foreigners can immerse themselves in Christmas spirit.

It's a place where the pure wilderness merges with lively city. The tranquil landscapes, natural hot springs, Rocky Mountains, shimmering lakes and rivers, spirited city lives and different cultural activities make Canada an unforgettable experience. You can pamper yourself with Canadian spas during your Christmas vacations. There are whole lots of options to choose from thrilling activities to spiritual activities. Many hotels and nightclubs offer evening entertainment. Canada offers huge shopping discounts during the festive season and some globally renowned culinary delights that will make you wanting for more.

One of the best times of year to visit Paris is during the Santa season. Paris is a natural choice for an urban Christmas celebration. There is no dearth of interesting presents be it a fashionable stores or flea markets like Le Bon Marche. One can just stroll down the fairy lighted Elyse's at night or attending midnight masses at the cathedral of Notre Dame. Disneyland Paris is another way to immerse up a little holiday atmosphere during your stay in Paris as it is totally decked up during the festivity.

Mexico is one of the most desired destinations for Christmas vacation with nature at its best, alluring beaches, friendly people, and bright sunshine. One can have a rollicking time from the moment one sets foot in Mexico. Large scale events of ‘Las Posadas', attending plays, and a shop for some Christmas crafts. One can also choose from activity packed Christmas vacation in Mexico. Mazatlan has much to offer to an outdoor enthusiast along with its beautiful golf courses and tennis courts. An ideal place to relax, the quaint town of Puerto Vallarta is all you need to make your Christmas vacation a memorable experience

Venezuela is one of the most popular Christmas vacation destinations in South America. Venezuela has Angel Falls that is the highest waterfall in the world, the third largest river, and the largest lake in South America. On your Christmas vacations you can visit this beautiful state that boasts of some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Margarita is a beautiful island that you must visit on your Christmas vacations in Venezuela. You may relax on the beaches, visit the beautiful churches & castles, Macanao peninsula, the Lagoon of La Restinga National Park, and enjoy all water sport activities. Don't forget to visit the shops and malls that offer a large variety of products that can be bought both for gift purposes and personal use.

Plan a trip to the beautiful country of Russia for a lovely Christmas vacations. The country boasts of some magnificent tourist attractions. The country draws nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and history buffs in large numbers. You will find vibrant cosmopolitan cities, some of the oldest lakes in the world and quaint picturesque towns on your Russian Christmas vacations. You will find opportunity to participate in winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, ice diving and ice-skating on your Christmas vacations in Russia. The major attractions of Moscow are the Tainitskaya Tower, the Sobakina Tower, St. Basil's Cathedral, and the Trinity Gate. Most of the hotels offer evening entertainment during the festive season and you can also visit the various nightclubs on your Russia tours during the Christmas vacations. Special discounts are offered during Christmas time.