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Find out popular Christmas toys for 2015 here and modern Christmas toys and gadgets for kids.

Christmas Toys For 2015

Almost all kids give in to the temptation of receiving Christmas toys as gifts in holiday season. While Barbies and toy trains remain the popular toys among the children of all ages, kids today crave for the latest gadgets in the market. Video games and computer fames are some of the hot favorites that are sure to make children give you that special smile that you love. Here are some ideas for Christmas toys 2015 that are 'in':
  • Air Blaster - A gun that shoots powerful 'ball of air' up to 20 feet and won't hurt at all. It is good for young kids who love to play 'policemen' and you can be sure that they won't get hurt. They can also 'shoot' each other as much as they like, with only harmless air. It is easy to assemble too.
  • Battery Operated Christmas Toys - Dolls that dance and giggle, pigs and dogs in bright colors that wiggle their tales and snort or bark, robots that answer your questions have always been a favorite of young kids and a perfect Christmas toy for the little one.
  • Bobble Head Doll - The best thing about these dolls is that they can be personalized easily. All you have to do is insert your child's photo inside the bobble. They come in various designs such as Baseball Bobble Head, Doctor Bobble Head, Sweetheart Bobble Head and Bride Bobble Head.
  • Flying Disk - A flying disk that can be inflated with helium or air is always fun and a great Christmas toy for especially those kids, who love outdoor games. They are safe and can hover and float so well that they can entertain a whole family in active fun for hours. It is just a great gift for holidays.
  • Puzzle Track Cars Set - These car sets have track pieces that can be assembled in various configurations and keep kids busy for hours. They figure out how to join these track pieces together to run their cars and enjoy the challenge of thinking of a new way to rearrange these pieces. They are generally battery-operated.